Distinguished Service Award - American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is the highest tribute the Society can pay to an ASA member. It may be given for outstanding clinical, educational or scientific achievement, contribution to the specialty and/or exemplary service to the Society.

The House of Delegates has established policies governing the selection of a recipient. Procedures for the submission of nominations and selection of a candidate are as follows:

  • Any member of ASA or a component society may submit the names of individuals for consideration for this award.
  • No officer of ASA shall be eligible for selection.
  • Should the Committee on Distinguished Service Award select a candidate to enter into nomination in the House of Delegates, the name of the candidate shall not be disclosed until placed in nomination before the House of Delegates.
  • Final selection of the DSA recipient shall be made by the House of Delegates by secret ballot and shall require a two-thirds vote of those seated in the House of Delegates.

Nomination forms, together with current curriculum vitae, are requested to be received by the Governance Department in the Executive Office by May 15 each year. They may be submitted to the attention of the committee chair. Please direct all nominations and questions to governance@asahq.org.

2018 Mark A. Warner, M.D.
2017 Jerry Cohen, M.D.
2016 Norman A. Cohen, M.D.
2015 Alexander Hannenberg, M.D.
2014 Henry Rosenberg, M.D.
2013 John Neeld, Jr., M.D.
2012 Jeffrey Cooper, Ph.D.
2011 Jeffrey Apfelbaum, M.D.
2010 Mark Lema, M.D., Ph.D.
2009 James Cottrell, M.D.
2008 Eugene Sinclair, M.D.
2007 Ronald Miller, M.D.
2006 Carl Hug, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
2005 Jerome Modell, M.D.
2004 William Owens, M.D.
2003 Robert Stoelting, M.D.
2002 Bernard Wetchler, M.D.
2001 Alan Sessler, M.D.
2000 Betty Stephenson, M.D.
1999 Burton Epstein, M.D.
1998 Harry Bird, M.D.
1997 James Arens, M.D.
1996 Ellison Pierce, Jr., M.D.
1995 Martin Helrich, M.D.
1994 Jess Weiss, M.D.
1993 B. Raymond Fink, M.D.
1992 John Hattox, M.D.
1991 Edmond Eger, II, M.D.
1990 John Michenfelder, M.D.
1989 Nicholas Greene, M.D.
1988 Gertie Marx, M.D.
1987 Robert Smith, M.D.
1986 William Hamilton, M.D.
1985 Richard Ament, M.D.
1984 Arthur Keats, M.D.
1983 E.S. Siker, M.D.
1982 John Steinhaus, M.D.
1981 C.R. Stephen, M.D.
1980 James Eckenhoff, M.D.
1979 David Little, Jr., M.D.
1978 M.T. Pepper Jenkins, M.D.
1977 Leroy Vandam, M.D.
1976 Daniel Moore, M.D.
1975 Albert Betcher, M.D.
1974 Perry Volpitto, M.D.
1973 John Bonica, M.D.
1972 Francis Foldes, M.D.
1971 E.M. Papper, M.D.
1970 Henry Beecher, M.D.
1969 Forrest Leffingwell, M.D.
1967 Frederick Haugen, M.D.
1966 Joseph Failing, M.D.
1965 Robert Dripps, M.D.
1964 Stuart Cullen, M.D.
1963 Dennis Jackson, M.D.
1962 George Thomas, M.D.
1961 Virginia Apgar, M.D.
1960 Ralph Knight, M.D.
1959 Harold Griffith, M.D.
1958 C. Walter Metz, M.D.
1957 E.A. Rovenstine, M.D.
1956 Rolland Whitacre, M.D.
1955 Lewis Wright, M.D.
1954 Moses Krakow, M.D.
1953 Charles McCuskey M.D.
1952 Henry Ruth, M.D.
1951 Ralph Tovell, M.D.
1950 Arthur Guedel, M.D.
1949 John Adriani, M.D.
1948 John Lundy, M.D.
1947 Adolph Erdmann, M.D.
1946 Ralph Waters, M.D.
1945 Paul Wood, M.D.

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