Resident Research Essay Contest Guidelines

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February 1, 2014 Volume 78, Number 2
Resident Research Essay Contest Guidelines

Deadline for receipt of entries: April 2, 2014


1. The entrant must be an ASA member at the time of submission. Entries submitted by a principal author who is not an ASA member will not be reviewed. Any co-entrant(s) is not required to be an ASA member.

2. The work reported should have been completed during residency or research fellowship training. Research performed as a student may be considered.

3. Papers should be submitted during or within one year following completion of the training.

4. A previous entry or award does not preclude eligibility.

Submission of Entry

1. A letter signed by the entrant stating that the research and writing was predominantly performed by the entrant must accompany the submission. Only one submission will be accepted per entrant.

2. A letter from the residency program director confirming the elements of eligibility for the entrant must also accompany the submission.

3. The original entry should follow the format (title, page, abstract, text, references) of the journal Anesthesiology. Collaborators and co-authors should be listed on the title page. Figures need not be finished photographic prints but should reproduce legibly. Entries that do not follow this format will be returned.

4. A limit of 25 double-spaced pages (excluding letters of verification but including all figures, tables and references) will be enforced; manuscripts that exceed the page limit will not be reviewed.

5. Concurrent online submission of an abstract of the work for presentation as a regular scientific paper at the ASA annual meeting is required (go to, click on “ANESTHESIOLOGY 2014,” then click “ASA Abstracts Site” to the bottom left). That submission should be prepared in accordance with the rules and deadlines for submission of regular abstracts and submitted independently via the submission link on the ASA website.

6. The work should not have been presented, published or submitted to any other national meeting, national residents’ essay contest or journal prior to this submission. The essay can be presented to local residents’ essay contests (i.e., Midwest or Western Residents’ Essay Contest).

7. Manuscripts should be sent electronically to the chair of the Committee on Research, Evan Kharasch, M.D., Ph.D., at by April 2, 2014.

8. The three prize essays will receive their awards at ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 in New Orleans.

If you have any questions, please contact Judy Jacobson, ASA Education Department, at