FAER Report: Fueling the Future of Medicine Via Education and Research

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March 1, 2014 Volume 78, Number 3
FAER Report: Fueling the Future of Medicine Via Education and Research Karen S. Williams, M.D., Vice Chair of Development,
FAER Board of Directors

The wonder of my life has evolved through exposure to new ideas, expert mentoring by wise educators and a personal willingness to allow remolding and broadening of my view of the world. My growth in medicine has transitioned from being a physical therapist to a physician anesthesiologist and educator because of my constant desire to learn, and an intense empathy to support patients during very vulnerable life experiences.


The brilliant minds of researchers, coupled with the didactic instruction of my professors, trained me to practice medicine with a firm academic acumen, delivered to a diverse cultural patient population with kindness and the continual application of the latest scientific principles and practices. As a result, most of my professional career has been dedicated to scientific inquiry and the education of generations of vibrant medical students and residents. This would not be possible without the researchers who consistently solve increasingly complex medical questions through research and education in our specialty.


I volunteer on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) because the principles of the organization specifically align with the ideals I believe are critical to the current and future strength of anesthesiology. FAER is dedicated to the discovery of new knowledge, educating physician scientists and mentoring future researchers.


FAER has established a multitude of research grants and programs to support the professional life cycle of the nascent anesthesiologist from medical school, through residency and as a junior faculty member. The newest addition, the Anesthesiology Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, further expands investigative venues for the truly visionary.


Ultimately, the discoveries developed as a result of FAER’s grants and programs are critical to the skillful care our loved ones receive when they undergo an anesthetic procedure, whether inside the operating room or in remote locations. The safety of anesthesia has advanced as a direct result of the investigative detail that has been brought to the forefront of our medical management armamentarium.


Further, the implementation of new discoveries occurs through various methods of education to current and future anesthesiologists. Continual training via conferences, courses and electronic venues, hands-on practice and written documents propagates new knowledge to our colleagues. As a result, we provide increasingly complex perioperative care to individuals at progressively younger and older ages.


The people, corporations and organizations that so generously support FAER enable young researchers and educators to continue their quests for new knowledge. The future of our practice relies on our support of research and education today.


I encourage you to pay it forward. We owe our professional success to those who came before us, and we owe a legacy to those who will continue in our footsteps for generations to come. Please join me in supporting FAER philanthropically. FAER’s rigorous processes of scientific oversight and responsible financial stewardship ensure proper mentoring, scientific accuracy and educational accountability.


Contributions to FAER can be made online at FAER.org/donate. Or, for a full list of ways to support FAER, visit FAER.org/give-to-faer. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.


Upcoming FAER Deadlines


Mentoring Excellence in Research Award Nominations Due March 31

Say “thank you” to someone who has been influential to your career by nominating him or her for the 2014 Mentoring Excellence in Research Award, given during the Celebration of Research during ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014. The award recognizes an outstanding mentor in anesthesiology and the value of mentorship in the specialty. Go to FAER.org/mentoraward for details on how to submit a nomination.


FAER Visiting Professor Program Registration Ongoing


FAER is encouraging visiting professors to transform their speaking honorariums into charitable contributions to support research and education in anesthesiology through the FAER Visiting Professor Program. Several anesthesiologists have already enrolled and have offered to donate all or part of their honorariums from visiting professorships to FAER.


Check out FAER.org/visiting-professor for more information.

Visiting professor program


Thank Your Mentor by Making a Tribute Gift to FAER


Think about someone who has made a lasting impression on your career as an anesthesiologist.


What qualities about that person come to mind? Is it his expertise and experience? Her achievements and accolades? Your mentor’s dedication to your success and ability to encourage and guide you along the way will stay with you for life.

Thank you mentor

Now is the time to say “Thank you!”


Thank the person who has been most influential to you by making a gift to FAER in their honor. You can make your donation online at FAER.org/donate.


When you give online, be sure to check the box below “Tributes & Memorials” to dedicate your gift to your mentor. Your mentor will receive a special letter from FAER recognizing the impact they have had on your career and notifying them of the gift you made in their honor. You can also share a story or testimonial about your mentor.


Visit FAER.org/donate to give or FAER.org/honor-your-mentor to find more information.


Karen S. Williams, M.D. is Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, D.C.