Governance Meetings (at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2018)

House of Delegates (HOD)

Past HOD meeting materials and handbook are posted at the Governance Resources page.

House of Delegates, Session I

Sunday, October 14
8 a.m. – Location TBD

This session will include award presentations and remarks by the President and President-Elect. Nominations of 2019 officers will be made from the floor of the House.

Reference Committee Hearings

Sunday, October 14
1:15 p.m. – Location TBD

Open hearings will be conducted by each of the appointed Reference Committees. Each committee will consider the reports attributed to it in the delegates' handbook. These sessions are required to remain open until at least 3 p.m., but must conclude no later than 5 p.m.

Administrative Affairs
1:15–5 p.m. Location TBD

Professional Affairs
1:30–5 p.m. Location TBD

Scientific Affairs
1:45–5 p.m. Location TBD

2–5 p.m. Location TBD

House of Delegates, Session II

Wednesday, October 17
8 a.m. – Location TBD

This session renders decisions on actions of the Board of Directors and new business brought before the governing body prior to announced deadlines. Officers are elected and installed.

The second session of the HOD is scheduled to begin at Wednesday at 8 a.m. and goes until business has concluded, which is difficult to predict precisely. In the past two years, the meeting lasted three to four hours. Therefore, planning to remain at the hotel until approximately noon would probably be sufficient.

October Interim Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, October 17
Location TBD

The October Interim Board of Directors meeting immediately follows the House of Delegates, Session II. This session elects the committees of the Board and conducts other business that will set the tone for the 2019 governance year.

Candidates' Visits to Caucuses

Saturday, October 13, and Tuesday, October 16
Candidates in contested elections will address the five regional caucuses at their regularly scheduled sessions. Each candidate will be assigned times and locations so that no two candidates are in the same venue simultaneously. The amount of time that each candidate may address the caucus and engage in a Q&A session will be determined by the number of candidates who have announced their intent to seek elected office prior to the July deadline.

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