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Governance and Committees

Governance Resources for Members – At this page you'll find Governance documents such as Administrative Procedures, Bylaws, and meeting materials including handbooks and minutes. You must be logged in as a member to access this page.

ASA has a multi-tiered governance structure. There are four primary governing bodies: 

House of Delegates (HOD) – The HOD is the primary representative, legislative and policy-setting body of ASA. It is composed of delegates and alternate delegates, directors and alternate directors of the board, officers, past presidents, the editor-in-chief for Journals, chairs of all sections, the chair of the delegation to the AMA, five members of the Resident Component Governing Council and one non-voting medical student. It exercises final authority over all matters except where delegated elsewhere by the bylaws. This body meets over two sessions held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Board of Directors (BOD) – The BOD is composed of one director and alternate director from each of the 56 component societies, the 12 officers, the editor-in-chief for Journals, chairs of all sections and the chair of the delegation to the American Medical Association. The BOD directs publication and distribution of all official documents, journals and reports mandated by the HOD. It establishes and oversees the ASA’s reserve funds and executes duties specified in bylaw It also exercises full powers of the HOD in the interim between HOD meetings, and reports its activities to the HOD for ratification at that body’s annual sessions.

The Administrative Council (Officers) – The AC is composed of the 12 officers of ASA and convenes a minimum of four times each year. The AC is the official planning body of the ASA; between BOD meetings, it may exercise most of the powers of the BOD.

The Executive Committee (EC) – The EC consists of the president, president-elect and the first vice president. The president may name the immediate past president as a fourth member of the EC. The EC expedites, executes and administers the policies adopted by the HOD and BOD. If necessary, they may publish and implement positions or statements on behalf of ASA when this proves to be in the Society’s best interests.

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