2017 Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists (USSA)/Association of Veterans’ Affairs Anesthesiologists (AVAA) Annual Academic Meeting

Friday, October 20, 2017

Aloft Boston Seaport Hotel

Jointly provided by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists and the Association of Veterans’ Affairs Anesthesiologists.

0600-1700 On-site Registration (Mann Foyer, to the right of the stairs), Exhibitor Tables and Military Coin Table (Mann Foyer)
0630-0710 Continental Breakfast (Mann Foyer) and General Session (Summer Ballroom)
0700-0705 Welcome (Summer Ballroom)
0705-0710 President’s Message (Summer Ballroom)
0710-1700 Annual Academic Meeting
0710-1215 Lecture Series (ERAS and Anesthesiology Today) (Summer Ballroom)
0710-1015 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)– Practical Multidisciplinary Approaches (Summer Ballroom)
0715-0740 Overview of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery after Surgery) – Bret Alvis, M.D. (Summer Ballroom)
0740-0805 ERAS – Preparing the Preoperative Patient – Jessica Shanahan, M.D. (Summer Ballroom)
0805-0835 Multimodal Analgesia and GDFT (Goal Directed Fluid Therapy) – Matthias Stopfkuchen-Evans, M.D. (Summer Ballroom)
0835-0845 Break (Mann Foyer)
0845-0910 Changing Dogmas: Strategies for Successful Implementation and Intraoperative Optimization in Colorectal Surgery – Kay Leissner, M.D. (Summer Ballroom)
0910-0935 Leveraging Perioperative Surgical Home within the VA - Tessa Walters, M.D. (Summer Ballroom)
Lessons learned from a seven-year project at Palo Alto Campus
0935-1000 ERAS in the ICU and Sedation Techniques – Houman Amirfarzan, M.D. (Summer Ballroom)
1000-1030 Morning Break (Mann Foyer)
1030-1215    Anesthesiology Today (Summer Ballroom)

Mental Health, Suicide, and the Military Physician: Starting Up a Wellness Program at the San Antonio Military Medical Center – Video and Presentation  -  CPT, MC, USA Angelica G. Mancone, M.D., Lt Col, USAF, MC Christopher J. Nagy, M.D.

(Summer Ballroom)

1100-1130 Introduction to Difficult Airway Video Game- Jessica Feinleib, M.D., Ph.D. (Summer Ballroom)

State of Specialty – Special Leader Panel (Summer Ballroom)

  • Navy Specialty Leader - CAPT Richard P. Serianni, M.D., MC USN
  • Air Force Specialty Leader – Lt. COL Dale Capener, M.D., MC USAF
  • Naval Reserve Specialty Leader – CDR Dean Giacobbe, M.D., MC USNR
1215-1300 Lunch (Mann 2&3)
1230-1330 Resident Poster Session (Mann 2&3)

Afternoon Workshops - Jessica Feinleib, M.D., Ph.D.

  • The Airway Stations Video Gaming/Video Sims/Hands-On Cricothyrotomy and Ultrasound and Regional Anesthesia Stations Workshops will be held together in the Mann 1 room.
  • The Time to Talk About It: Physician Depression and Suicide session will be held in the Smoot room.

Airway Stations Video Gaming/Video Sims and Hands-On Cricothyrotomy   (Room: Mann 1)

  • Fiber-optic Technique Video Simulator – Lorraine Foley, M.D., Ricardo Martinez-Ruiz, M.D.
  • Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy Video Game – Ann Walia, M.D., Julio Benitez, M.D.
  • Difficult Airway Management Live Simulation – Armando Ariza, M.D., Sebastian Partesotti, M.D.
  • Surgical Airway: DAARC Technique – Relin Yang, M.D., Christina Matadial, M.D.

Ultrasound and Regional Anesthesia Stations  (Room: Mann 1)

  • Upper Extremity Blocks – CDR Jason Yoder, M.D., MC USN
  • Lower Extremity Blocks and Peripheral Nerve Catheters – Thomas Wong, M.D., Lori Kwan, M.D.
  • Abdominal Blocks – CDR Jason Longwell, M.D., MC USN
  • TEE and U/S Video Simulator – Josh Quick, M.D., Kay Leissner, M.D., Heartworks tech, Carlos Brun, M.D.

 Time to Talk About It: Physician Depression and Suicide  (Room: Smoot)

CPT, MC, USA Angelica G. Mancone, M.D., Lt Col, USAF, MC Christopher J. Nagy, M.D.

  • Small group workshop to take place on the hour at: 1400, 1500, and 1600
  • Workshop facilitators will also be available for questions


1500-1530 Afternoon Break (Mann Foyer)
1700 Joint Military Annual Academic Meeting Conclusion


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