MIPS Cost Component

MIPS Cost Component

For the 2018 performance year, eligible clinicians will receive a Cost performance category score that accounts for 10% of their final MIPS score.

ECs do not need to attest to anything for this component. CMS will calculate this score by reviewing claims data for MIPS ECs. In 2018, CMS will analyze two Cost measures:

  • Medicare spending per beneficiary (MSPB)
  • Total per capita cost

CMS will average the score for the two measures to provide a final Cost score to ECs. If only one measure can be scored, the EC will receive the performance category score from that one measure.

In performance year 2019, the cost performance category will account for 30 percent of an eligible clinician's final MIPS composite score.

ASA continues to advocate for physician anesthesiologists to be fairly and accurately assessed under the MIPS cost component.

ASA expects to release more information on the 2018 MIPS Cost Component.

For information on the 2017 QPP, visit the CMS 2017 Resources site.

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