American Society of Anesthesiologists - MIPS Pathway

Physician anesthesiologists and other clinicians who choose the MIPS path of the CMS QPP can earn a payment adjustments based on their performance across four categories.

For general information on MIPS component categories, visit the pages below:

Physicians and other clinicians required to report to MIPS, called eligible clinicians (ECs), are scored by CMS on a 0-100 point scale based on their performance across the four performance categories. Performance scores in 2017 will be applied to 2019 Medicare Part B payments based on the scoring breakdown:

MIPS Performance Categories
2017 Reporting Status Quality Cost Advancing Care Information (ACI) Improvement Activities (IA) Payment Adjustment (+/-)
No Exemptions 60% 0% 25% 15% +/- 4%
Non-Patient Facing OR Hospital Based 85% 0% 0% 15%
(Non-Patient Facing: Report 2 Medium or 1 High Weight Activity)
+/- 4%


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