FAER Academic Champions

First established in 2020, the FAER Academic Champions program seeks to strengthen the bonds between FAER and academic anesthesiology departments as well as increase awareness of FAER grants, programs, fundraising efforts, and accomplishments. The goal of this program is to form closer, two-way relationships between FAER and departments of anesthesiology.

The impact early-career support and grant funding can have on one’s ability to pursue a career in anesthesiology research is tremendous. FAER awards provide recipients critical time and financial support to bridge this gap early on in their career. This is where the FAER Academic Champions program comes in.

FAER Champions work closely with FAER and the Champion’s department as a two-way conduit of information on FAER grants, programs, fundraising efforts, and accomplishments. Suggested FAER Champion responsibilities include (bur are not limited to):

  • Share and promote information within the department about FAER grants, programs, and showcase FAER successes.
  • Communicate with the department about how motivated individuals can support FAER, financially or otherwise.
  • Identify future scholars in the department and provide individual counseling and direction for how FAER can support them.
  • Facilitate mentorship (focused on FAER programs) of residents, junior faculty, and medical students.

FAER recognizes that it takes more than money to support the future of our specialty. It takes a shared vision. Our hope is that each Academic Champion will foster a dialogue between FAER and their department, allowing a more powerful, expansive vision to emerge and guide our specialty and investment in the future.

Participating in the FAER Academic Champions Program

Participation in this program is an exclusive benefit offered to academic anesthesiology department members of FAER’s Society for Anesthesia Education and Research (SAER). Anesthesiology department chairs are asked to nominate one faculty member to serve as a Champion for their department. Ideal Champions include those within the department with ties to research and/or preexisting ties to FAER, such as grantees, program participants, or supporters.

Nominees are to be submitted to FAER’s Development Marketing and Communications Specialist, along with any questions related to the program and requests for a Champions Toolkit.

Current FAER Academic Champions

To follow is a list of current FAER Academic Champions, including their home institution and the year their terms began. Thank you to all these Champions and their departments for their commitment to the future of anesthesiology.

FAER Academic Champion Institution Term Began
Patricia R. Bachiller, MD Children’s Hospital of Boston 2023
Karsten Bartels, MD, PhD, MBA University of Nebraska Medical Center 2021
Frederic T. Billings IV, MD Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 2021
Wei Chao, MD, PhD University of Maryland School of Medicine 2021
Catherine L. Chen, MD University of California, San Francisco 2020
Benjamin H. Cloyd, MD University of Colorado
Elizabeth K. Cotter, MD University of Kansas Medical Center  2021
Stacie G. Deiner, MD
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lauren K. Dunn, MD, PhD
University of Virginia 2021
David M. Eckmann, MD, PhD Ohio State University 2021
Stuart Forman, MD, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital 2020
Rebecca Maria Gerlach, MD, FRCPC
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Ashraf S. Habib, MSc, BCh, MB, FRCA Duke University School of Medicine 2021
Medhat S. Hannallah, MD, FRCA Georgetown University Hospital 2021
Ellen S. Hauck, DO Temple University School of Medicine 2021
Krista Highland, PhD National Capital Consortium, USUHS
David Kaczka MD, PhD University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine 2022
Ashish K. Khanna, MD, FCCM, FCCP, FASA Wake Forest School of Medicine 2021
Paul R. Knight III, MD, PhD State University of New York - Buffalo 2023
Sapna R. Kudchadkar, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Andrea M. Kurz, MD Cleveland Clinic Anesthesiology Institute 2021
Jenny Kwak, MD, FASA Loyola University Medical Center 2021
 G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE University of Washington School of Medicine
Matthew C. Mauck, MD, PhD, FASA University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Guido Musch, MD University of Massachusetts Medical School 2021
Aaron J. Norris, MD, PhD Washington University School of Medicine 2021
Ala Nozari, MD, PhD Boston University Medical Center 2021
Brian P. O'Gara, MD Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (HMFP) 2023 
Donald H. Penning, MD, MS, FRCPC Henry Ford Health System 2021
Kane O. Pryor, MBBS Weill Cornell Medicine 2021
Andrei D. Sdrulla, MD, PhD Oregon Health & Science University 2021
Emily E. Sharpe, MD, FASA Mayo Clinic Rochester 2023
Bradford B. Smith, MD Mayo Clinic Phoenix 2021
Vivianne Tawfik, MD, PhD Stanford University Medical Center 2022
Michael M. Todd, MD University of Minnesota Medical School 2021
Soban Umar, MD, PhD David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 2021
Keith M. Vogt, MD, PhD University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 2021
Brant M. Wagener, MD, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham 2023
Jing Wang, MD New York University Medical Center
Emmett E. Whitaker, MD University of Vermont 2023
Fletcher A. White, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine 2023
Anna Woodbury, MD Emory University
Zheng Xie, MD, PhD, FASA University of Chicago 2023

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