Congratulations to the Past MSARF Participants Who Matched in Anesthesiology in 2022!

April 8, 2022

FAER’s Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship (MSARF) program provides medical students an eight-week research experience within an academic anesthesiology department. During the fellowship, students participate in research and training activities, as well as clinical anesthesia activities, all under the guidance of a dedicated mentor.

On Match Day 2022, FAER was excited to celebrate with the many past MSARF participants matching into anesthesiology residencies. We asked our MSARF alumni about the value of their experience in the program and are pleased to share the responses received. Join FAER in congratulating these future anesthesiologists!

“MSARF was instrumental in helping me make connections and get some experience in clinical research. Could not have done it without this program.”
Jackson Harley, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Stanford University

“The MSARF provided me with a great opportunity to make meaningful contributions to anesthesia research and develop relationships with lifelong mentors. This experience was a large contributing factor that pushed me to pursue anesthesia and moving forward I hope to one day be in the position to give back and provide similar mentorship.”
Jason Lamano, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Loyola University Medical Center

“My opportunities through FAER were instrumental to me matching into my first choice at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. I couldn’t be more pleased!”
James Lambert, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Mayo Clinic, Rochester

“The FAER program was an excellent form of exposure to the world of anesthesiology. Anesthesiology really is the best kept secret in medicine and participating in FAER gave me the chance to pull back the veil and see it in all of its glory. My participation was not only instrumental to me choosing to pursue the specialty, but also gave me a great opportunity to network, contribute to meaningful research, and discuss the experience on the interview trail!”
Francis Mtuke, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Virginia Mason

“My experience through FAER became a catalyst for research projects and connections that I was able to grow throughout medical school. My experiences were also a strong talking point during residency interviews.”
Alan Thinh Nguyen, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Ohio State University

“The MSARF really solidified my decision to pursue anesthesia and introduced me to phenomenal mentors that supported me and helped me to match into my number one program for residency.  I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to my continued research in anesthesiology as a resident and beyond!”
Ryan Nierstedt, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“The MSARF program was the single best anesthesiology opportunity I came across in medical school. I received early exposure to the research and clinical components of anesthesiology and was able to experience it at an outside institution (home medical school UAB, MSARF Pitt). I loved my MSARF time so much, that it sealed my fate in anesthesiology (and Pitt!). Thank you, FAER!”
Henry Paiste, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Pittsburgh

“FAER MSARF was a great experience that gave me early exposure to the field of anesthesiology and anesthesia research. It definitely contributed to my decision to pursue anesthesiology as a specialty!”
Kathy Zhang, 2019 MSARF Participant; Matched to Columbia University

Student MSARF Year  Match Institution
Nabil Aziz 2019  Cleveland Clinic
Archana Bharadwaj 2019 Washington University in St. Louis 
Bryson Caskey 2019 Mayo Clinic, Arizona
Jackson Harley 2019 Stanford University
Corey Hughes 2019 University of Kentucky
Shubhika Jain 2021 Stanford University
Rosemary Kelley 2019 Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Jason Lamano 2019 Loyola University Medical Center
James Lambert 2019 Mayo Clinic, Rochester
Francis Mtuke 2019 Virginia Mason
Alan Thinh Nguyen 2019 The Ohio State University
Ryan Nierstedt 2019 Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Henry Paiste 2019 University of Pittsburgh
Kayla Pfaff 2020 Duke University
Lauren Pomerantz 2021 Emory University
Sudharsan Srinivasan 2021 University of Michigan
Kyle Wong 2019 University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago
Kathy Zhang 2019 Columbia University