A Cause for Celebration: Past MSARFs Matched into Anesthesiology in 2024

March 28, 2024

The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) is always thrilled to celebrate our past grantees and program participants reaching milestones in their anesthesiology and research journey. It should come as little surprise then that Match Day is one of the foundation’s favorite occasions. Hearing the excitement of past Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship (MSARF) participants who’ve matched into an anesthesiology residency is a truly wonderful experience, and FAER is proud of its role in supporting these up-and-coming anesthesiologists.

For those unfamiliar, the MSARF program provides medical students an eight-week research experience within an academic anesthesiology department. During the fellowship, students participate in research, training activities, and clinical anesthesia activities, all under the guidance of a dedicated mentor.

On Match Day 2024, FAER reached out to our MSARF alumni inquiring about where they’d matched and any words they’d like to share about their experience with the program. Please enjoy their responses below and join us in congratulating these future leaders of anesthesiology!

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“I was able to do an away rotation at the institution that I matched at previously in my M1/M2 year. It allowed me to network and travel to ASA to meet leading faces in the research world of anesthesia.”

 - David Bachoy, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Connecticut

“I decided to pursue anesthesiology as a specialty during my 3rd year of medical school. Having already pursued research in other fields, I wanted an opportunity to participate in research related to anesthesia. MSARF was perfect for this. The added benefit was the opportunity to participate at a different institution, which served as a sort of away rotation for me between my 3rd and 4th years of medical school. This was a huge advantage for me as I tried to gain late experience in the realm of Anesthesia. I would highly recommend this program to students even if they are late in their medical school training!”
 - Landon Crippes, 2023 MSARF Participant; Matched to Yale University

“The FAER MSARF program certainly laid a strong foundation for my future in anesthesia. I not only cultivated my passion for research in anesthesia but, was also able to obtain hands on experience within the field. Additionally, students are able to learn about the poster presentation process, a skill that will last long after medical school. Ultimately, I feel that this experience served me well in my residency applications and interviews.”
 - Kaye Dandrea, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to Lahey Clinic

“MSARF was instrumental to my early exposure in anesthesiology, which helped me commit to the field! It also gave me valuable mentorship, easing my path towards residency.”
 - Gusti Lulu Fatima, 2022 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Washington

“FAER’s MSARF program provided early and essential exposure to the field of anesthesiology, which strongly influenced my decision to pursue this career. Beyond learning about the field through this program, it also afforded me a large team of mentors who helped me for the remainder of medical school and as I prepared to apply to the field. My MSARF summer was a pivotal moment to introduce me to the anesthesia world, build on my research skills, and grow my network.”
 - Timothy Heintz, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to Brigham and Women's Hospital

“My MSARF experience during the summer after my MS1 year not only provided me with the opportunity to spend time in the ORs working with entire surgical teams, but also introduced me to some of the most influential players in the world of academic anesthesiology -- people who I continue to connect closely with and learn from even years after completing my fellowship. FAER and MSARF have shown me that research is more than just valued in anesthesiology, it is vital. As I officially begin my formal anesthesia training, it remains my goal to be part of the force that drives our field forward, and I am very proud to have the chance to do so at Johns Hopkins.”
 - Lucille Hu, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to Johns Hopkins University

“The FAER MSARF program provided me an introduction to clinical anesthesiology. During that summer, I quickly fell in love with the specialty and developed life-long mentors. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I was granted because of my FAER MSARF experience. I am happy to have matched into an incredible anesthesiology residency program and look forward to helping other MSARF scholars in the future.”
 - Daria Ivenitsky, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Connecticut School of Medicine

“The MSARF was a great experience that helped connect me with wonderful mentors I'm still in touch with today – they helped show me how exciting and fun the field of anesthesiology is, and I'm ecstatic to be pursuing my training in the best specialty in the world!”
 - Saad Khan, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Nebraska Medical Center

“I’m so incredibly grateful for my MSARF experience - I got incredible mentorship, shadowing experience in various anesthesia subspecialties, my first ASA experience, and lit the spark for my career in anesthesia. I can’t even count the number of times I brought up my MSARF experience during my interviews! The experience was just as impactful as the knowledge that anesthesia as a specialty invests so much into mentoring future clinician researchers. I’m thrilled to have matched into the same program where I did my MSARF 3 years ago, and really have FAER and FAER’s supporters to thank.”
 - Kelsea LaSorda, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“The MSARF summer fellowship led to me choosing a career in anesthesiology.”
 - Zachary Massey, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to Medical College of Georgia

"Participating in FAER MSARF was the most compelling factor in my decision to pursue anesthesiology training. I gained early exposure to anesthesiology from both clinical and research perspectives through the program. I am incredibly grateful for the supportive lifelong mentors that inspired me to join this amazing specialty!"
 - Terrique Pinnock, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to Mayo Clinic in Florida

“FAER’s MSARF program provided me with my first research opportunity in anesthesiology. It introduced me to an emerging field of chronic pain research, where scientists are targeting neural mechanisms to develop novel pain therapies. After my research fellowship, I have become ambitious to pursue a chronic pain fellowship and continue exploring this area of research as a future clinician scientist.”
 - Nabeel Rasheed, 2023 MSARF Participant; Matched to Stanford University

“The MSARF program played a pivotal role in my career decisions. Through the program, I received enthusiastic and sincere mentorship in combination with early exposure to anesthesiology and clinical research. No other experience with research or general clinical rotations in medical school compared! I was able to stay in contact with both the mentors assigned to me through the MSARF program throughout medical school, starting from the end of M1 to throughout the residency application process. I’m incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to participate, and I’ve recommended it to countless people since, some of whom were able to participate and also had positive experiences.”
 - Geetasravya Vegunta, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to Weill Cornell Medicine

“As a FAER MSARF scholar during my first summer of medical school, I was able to confirm my goals to pursue anesthesiology, both as a physician and a clinician scientist. Thanks to my FAER mentors and the resources provided, I had the opportunity to gain early clinical exposure in the operating room and to present at research conferences, including ASA 2021, SOAP 2022, and IARS/SOCCA 2022. After my summer experience, I continued to work on the manuscript for three years with the most supportive faculty. I believe my FAER MSARF experience was an essential part of my journey in pursuing anesthesiology!”
 - Jin Yoo, 2021 MSARF Participant; Matched to NYU Grossman School of Medicine

“MSARF was instrumental in providing critical early exposure to the field of anesthesiology. The experiences afforded by MSARF were integral to my success within medical school and for positioning myself for unique opportunities in anesthesiology.”
 - Anonymous

Below is the full list of past MSARF participants who confirmed their match into anesthesiology residences in 2024.


Student MSARF Year  Match Institution
Joshua Asiaban 2021 University of California, San Francisco
David Bachoy 2021 University of Connecticut
Craig Ballard 2021 University of Utah
Avni Bhatt 2023  Oregon Health and Science University
Zain Chaudry 2021 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Annabel Chen
2023 Brigham and Women's Hospital
Sadhana Chinnusamy 2023 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai / New York University
Landon Crippes 2023 Yale University
Kathleen Daly-Jensen 2023 University of Washington
Kaye Dandrea 2021 Lahey Clinic
Isha Doshi 2023 Albany Medical Center
Austin Du 2021 University of California, Los Angeles
Gusti Lulu Fatima 2022 University of Washington
Zachary Freedman 2021 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Timothy Heintz 2021 Brigham and Women's Hospital
Lucille Hu 2021 Johns Hopkins University
Daria Ivenitsky 2021 University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Saad Khan 2021 University of Nebraska Medical Center
Kelsea LaSorda 2021 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Amanda Li
2023 Barnes Jewish Hospital / Washington University
Zachary Massey 2021 Medical College of Georgia
Joy Morgan Myers 2021 University of Chicago
Andrew Ordille 2021 Duke University
Jai Patel 2023 Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Terrique Pinnock
2021 Mayo Clinic in Florida
Emanuel Poulos 2021 University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital
Nabeel Rasheed 2023 Stanford University
Geetasravya Vegunta 2021 Weill Cornell Medicine
Jin Yoo 2021 NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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