Individual Donors

Our Donors

Thank you for your support! The people who believe in education and research, and the advancement of medicine, make FAER’s mission a reality through generous financial support of our grants and programs. Private support of FAER funds discoveries and innovations that change the way we practice medicine and care for our patients.

We do our absolute best to list all donors correctly. Should you find any errors in your listing, we apologize, and ask that you please contact us at with the correct way your listing should appear. We will update the donor list to reflect this as soon as possible.

The donations below were made in 2022. We also offer a historical page detailing our 2021 donors.

Individual Donors


$5,000 and Up

  • Philip G. Morgan, MD, and Margaret M. Sedensky, MD
  • Daniel I. Sessler, MD, and Ximena Valdes Sessler, MD
  • Robert W. Vaughan, MD, FACA, and M. Sue Vaughan, PhD, RN

$2,500 - $4,999

  • Donald Arnold, MD, FASA and Tamara Ehlert, MD
  • Karsten Bartels, MD, PhD, MBA
  • Charles Emala, MD, MS, and Mary Emala
  • Shu-Ming Wang, MD

$1,000 - $2,499

  • Robert F. Bedford, MD, FACA
  • Mark Dershwitz, MD, PhD, and Renee Dershwitz, MD
  • Roderic and Maryellen Eckenhoff, MD, PhD
  • Steven B. Edelstein, MD, FASA
  • Simon Gelman, MD, PhD, FANZCA
  • Hugh C. Hemmings Jr., MD, PhD
  • Harriet W. Hopf, MD, FASA
  • Joshua Johnston, MD, and Elizabeth Johnston
  • James J. Lamberg, DO, FASA
  • Grace Lim, MD, MSc
  • Anne M. Lynn, MD
  • Mervyn Maze, MB, ChB, and Janet Wyner-Maze
  • Rebecca McLoughlin and Thomas M. McLoughlin, MD
  • Girish Menon, MD
  • J. Danny Muehlschlegel, MD, MSc, FASA
  • Edward Nemergut, MD
  • Srikanth S. Patankar, MD
  • Mary Dale Peterson, MD, MHA, FACHE, FASA
  • Eugene P. Sinclair, MD, FACA, and Mrs. Sinclair
  • Johan P. Suyderhoud, MD, and Kathleen A. Leavitt, MD
  • Kevin K. Tremper, MD, PhD, FACA
  • Zhongcong Xie, MD, PhD, FASA

$500 - $999

  • Frederick W. Cheney, MD, FACA
  • Alberto J. de Armendi, MBA, MD, PhD
  • Amanda A. Fox, MD
  • Jeffrey R. Kirsch, MD
  • Jerome M. Klafta, MD
  • Forrest J. Krause, MD
  • Matthew Kremke, MBA
  • Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSc, FCCM
  • Cynthia A. Lien, MD
  • James G. Mathis, MD
  • Donald H. Penning, MD, MS, FRCPC
  • Jeanne Ann Rea, MD, FASA
  • Joseph W. Szokol, MD, FASA
  • Matthew B. Weinger, MD, MS

$100 - $499

  • Amr E. Abouleish, MD, MBA, FASA
  • Joseph P. Annis, MD, FACA and Peggy Annis
  • Valerie E. Armstead, MD, DABA
  • Victor C. Baum, MD
  • William A. Beck, MD
  • Richard A. Berkowitz, MD
  • Simon Body, MBChB, MPH
  • Jeffry B. Brand, MD, FACA
  • Robert Daniel, MD
  • John K. DesMarteau, MD, FACA
  • Carol Ann B. Diachun, MD
  • Kenneth Drasner, MD
  • Michael Duan, MD
  • Peter R. Fletcher, MD
  • Richard M. Flowerdew, MD, FRCA
  • Herbert M. Floyd, MD, FACA
  • Ian J. Gilmour, MD, FACA, FCCP, FRCPC
  • Joel G. Greenspan, MD, PC
  • Allen N. Gustin Jr., MD, FCCP, FASA
  • Boris D. Heifets, MD
  • H. A. Tillmann Hein, MD, PhD
  • Muhammad Salman Janjua
  • Thomas T. Klumpner, MD
  • Steven M. Koppel, MD
  • Gopal Krishna, MD, FACA
  • Meghan B. Lane-Fall, MD
  • Allison J. Lee, MD, MBBS
  • Lawrence Litt, MD, PhD, FACP
  • Renyu Liu, MD, PhD
  • Constance L. Monitto, MD
  • Sath R. Mysore, MD
  • Fredrick K. Orkin, MD, MBA
  • Parag Pandya, MD
  • Ted and Jane Peterson Charitable Fund
  • Trevor Peterson
  • Beverly K. Philip, MD, FACA, FASA
  • James H. Philip, MD, FACA, DABA, FASA, MEE
  • Paul Pomerantz, FACHE
  • Mark S. Schreiner, MD
  • Larry M. Segers, MD
  • Shiqian Shen, MD
  • Kirsten J. Simanonok, MD
  • Mark A. Singleton, MD
  • Robert N. Sladen, MBChB, FCCM, FRCPC
  • Loren E. Smith, MD, PhD
  • Diana Steele
  • Shepard B. Stone, DMSc, PA
  • Claude R. Swayze, MD
  • Norbert Topf, MD, and Anne McLusky
  • Russell T. Wall III, MD
  • John Williams, MD, BS
  • Anna Woodbury, MD
  • David A. Zvara, MD, FASA
  • Michael P. Zygmunt, MD, FACA

Up to $99

  • George S. Bause, MD,MPH
  • Craig Brenner, MD
  • Richard B. Clark, MD, FACA
  • David M. Clement, MD, and Elizabeth Weiss
  • Bram Harris
  • James S. Hicks, MD, FACA, FASA
  • Ms. Natalie Jane Koons
  • Robert B. Schonberger, MD
  • David T. Seitman, MD