Alan D. Sessler, MD, Society

Named for founding physician and former Board President of the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER), the Alan D. Sessler, MD, Society recognizes donors who have achieved $10,000 or more in lifetime giving to FAER. Society members have shown exceptional commitment to the future of anesthesiology through their support for FAER’s mission to develop the next generation of physician-investigators.

On behalf of the numerous physician-investigators and patients who have and will continue to benefit from FAER’s work, we express our profound gratitude to the donors listed below.


Steven J. Barker, PhD, MD, FACA
Ronald L. Katz Family Foundation
Carl C. Hug, Jr., MD, PhD, FACA, FANZCA, FRCA, dec.
Daniel I. Sessler, MD, and Ximena Sessler, MD
James R. Zaidan, MD, MBA

$50,000 – 99,999

Joseph F. Antognini, MD, FASA
Thomas J. Ebert, MD, PhD
James C. Eisenach, MD
Pamela Flood, MD, MA, and Steven Shafer, MD
Simon Gelman, MD, PhD, FANZCA
Joy L. Hawkins, MD, FASA, and Randall M. Clark, MD, FASA
Sanford M. Miller, MD, FACA, and Marcia Miller
May C. Pian-Smith, MD, MS
Bruce M. Shepard, MD, dec.
Robert W. Vaughan, MD, FACA, and M. Sue Vaughan, PhD, RN
Denham S. Ward, MD, PhD
Paul F. White, MD, PhD, FANZCA
Warren Zapol, MD, dec. and Nikki Zapol, JD

$25,000 – 49,999

Joseph P. Annis, MD, FACA, and Peggy Annis
David L. Brown, MD
Bruce F. Cullen, MD, FACA
Deborah J. Culley, MD
Kathleen Connolly Empsucha
Alex S. Evers, MD, and Carol Evers
D. David Glass, MD, FACA, FANZCA, and Alice Glass
Orin F. Guidry, MD, FACA, and Nancy Guidry
Steven C. Hall, MD, and Patricia Hall
Judith Hellman, MD
Roger A. Johns, MD, PhD, MHS
Cynthia A. Lien, MD, and Dan M. Brinzac
Mervyn Maze, MB, ChB, and Janet Wyner-Maze
Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD, FCAI (Hon)
Edward D. Miller, MD, FACA
Ronald D. Miller, MD, FACA, FCAI, FRCA
Dolores B. Njoku, MD
Charles W. Otto, MD, and Carol Otto
Srikanth S. Patankar, MD
Madhukanta J. Patel, MD, and Jagendra Patel
Warren S. Sandberg, MD, PhD, and Elisabeth Hollister Sandberg, PhD
Alan D. Sessler, MD, FACA, FCAI, FRCA, dec.
Theodore H. Stanley, MD, FACA, dec.
Michael M. Todd, MD
Paloma Toledo, MD, MPH
Shu-Ming Wang, MD
Mark A. Warner, MD, and Mary Ellen Warner, MD
Cynthia A. Wong, MD
Margaret Wood, MB, CHB, FACA, FRCA, and Alastair Wood, MD

$10,000 – 24,999

Corrie Anderson, MD, and Virginia E. Williams II
Alberto J. de Armendi, MD, PhD, MBA
Donald Arnold, MD, FASA, and Tamara Ehlert, MD
Douglas R. Bacon, MD, MA, FASA
Keith H. Baker, MD, PhD, and Pam Baker
Verna L. Baughman, MD
Karl E. Becker, MD, MBA, FACA and Gail Becker
Honorio T. Benzon, MD, FACA
Arnold J. Berry, MD, MPH, and Heleen Berry
Azmy Boutros, MD, FRCA, FRCPC, dec. and Ida W. Boutros
Stephen M. Breneman, MD, PhD
A. Michael Broennle, MD, FACA
Michael Warren Champeau, MD, FASA
Frederick W. Cheney, MD, FACA
David H. Chestnut, MD, and Janet Chestnut
Daniel J. Cole, MD, FASA
Joanne M. Conroy, MD
Robert A. Cordes, MD, FACA, and Jeanne Connolly Cordes, CRNA
Donn M. Dennis, MD
Mark Dershwitz, MD, PhD, and Renee Dershwitz, MD
Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA, FASA, and Greykell Dutton
Roderic G. Eckenhoff, MD, and Maryellen F Eckenhoff, PhD
Steven Brian Edelstein, MD, FASA
Charles Emala, MD, MS, and Mary Emala
Jane C.K. Fitch, MD, FASA
Lee A. Fleisher, MD
James D. Grant, MD, MBA, FASA
Andrew A. Greenberg, MD
Alan W. Grogono, MD, FRCA
Dhanesh K. Gupta, MD, MBA
Alexander A. Hannenberg, MD, and Carol Hannenberg, MD
Hugh C. Hemmings Jr., MD, PhD
Thomas Henthorn, MD
Bradley J. Hindman, MD
Harriet W. Hopf, MD, FASA
Francis M. James, III, MD, FACA
Joanne Jene, MD, FACA
Joshua Johnston, MD, and Elizabeth Johnston
Patricia A. Kapur, MD
Sean K. Kennedy, MD
Jeffrey R. Kirsch, MD, FASA
Markus G. Klass, MD, PhD
Catherine M. Kuhn, MD
Charles D. Kurth, MD
James J. Lamberg, DO, FASA
Mark J. Lema, MD, PhD, FASA
Mirjana Lovrincevic, MD, and Igor Lovrincevic, MD
Philip D. Lumb, MBBS, FACA, and Christine Lumb
George Mashour, MD, PhD
Linda J. Mason, MD, FASA
James G. Mathis, MD
Jane Matjasko, MD, FACA, dec.
Thomas M. McLoughlin, MD, FASA, and Rebecca McLoughlin
Shirley Graves Modell, MD, FACA, DSc (Hon) and Jerome H. Modell, MD, FACA, dec.
Philip G. Morgan, MD, and Margaret M. Sedensky, MD
J. Danny Muehlschlegel, MD, MSc, FASA
John Neeld, Jr., MD, FACA, and Gail Neeld
Mark C. Norris, MD
Rita L. Orkin
Pamela P. Palmer, MD, PhD
Ronald G. Pearl, MD, PhD, FASA
Mary Dale Peterson, MD, MHA, FACHE, FASA
Y. S. Prakash, MD, PhD
Kai Rehder, MD
Michael F. Roizen, MD
Duane K. Rorie, MD, PhD, dec.
Myer H. Rosenthal, MD, FACA
Armin Schubert, MD, MBA
Eugene P. Sinclair, MD, FACA, and Mrs. Sinclair
Donald R. Stanski, MD, FRCPC
M. Christine Stock, MD, and Stuart R. Stock, PhD
Eckehard A. Stuth, MD, and Janellen Becker-Stuth
Jacob E. Sunshine, MD, MS
Joseph W. Szokol, MD, FASA
Stephen J. Thomas, MD, FACA, FANZCA, FRCA, and Ellen Thomas
Charles J. Vacanti, MD, FACA
Joyce A. Wahr, MD, and Dennis Wahr, MD
Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, MD
John P. Williams, MD, BS
Karen S. Williams, MD
Glenn E. Woodworth, MD

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