Tribute Gifts

Our Donors

Thank you for your support! The people who believe in education and research, and the advancement of medicine, make FAER’s mission a reality through generous financial support of our grants and programs. Private support of FAER funds discoveries and innovations that change the way we practice medicine and care for our patients.

The donations below were made in 2021. We also offer a historical page detailing our 2020 donors.

Tribute Gifts - In Memory

Meredith Albrecht, MD, PHD, in memory of Dr. Ronald F. Albrecht
"In honor of my father - a man focused on protecting the "fragile flower" of research."

Thomas L. Warren, MD, in memory of Dr. Stanley Antosh

Fred Cheney, MD, in memory of Dr. John Bonica

Ida W. Boutros, in memory of Dr. Azmy Boutros

Thomas T. McGranahan, MD, FACA, and Ann McGranahan, in memory of Dr. Genevieve Burk

Michael S. Avidan, MBBCh, FRCA, in memory of Dr. Ed Domino
"Professor Ed Domino made enormous contributions to our field. I was privileged to meet him and was inspired by his youthful energy, passion for science, and apparent love of life. His is a life worth celebrating and emulating."

Maribel P. Galiano-Goll, MD, in memory of Dr. Eric F. Goll

Matthew Kremke, in memory of Sally Kremke

James Fitzpatrick, MD, in memory of Dr. John F. Kreul

Ruthi Landau Cahana, MD, in memory of Jack Landau
"Jack (my father) inspired us to work selflessly towards a better and more just world. He left us recently, at a time when curbing healthcare inequities is crucial. I hope FAER can help perpetuate these values through meaningful education and research."

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, in memory of Dr. Carmelita Lapus

Grace Lim, MD, MSc, in memory of Drs. Gertie Marx and Virginia Apgar

Rita L. Orkin, in memory of Dr. Louis R. Orkin

Eugene P. Sinclair, MD, FACA, and Mrs. Sinclair, in memory of Dr. Philip Powondra

Philip F. Boyle, MD, FASA, and Kristine Boyle, in memory of Dr. Alan Sessler

Alexander A. Hannenberg, MD, in memory of Dr. Alan Sessler

Donald Stanski, MD, in memory of Dr. Lewis B. Sheiner

Mary D. Peterson, MD, MSHCA, FACHE, FASA, in memory of Dr. Catherine Scholl

Douglas Bacon, MA, MD, in memory of Dr. Alan D. Sessler

Patricia Petrozza, MD, in memory of Dr. David Warner

David Polaner, MD, in memory of Dr. Warren Zapol
"Warren was one of two or three people who changed my life and enabled me to establish my career in academic medicine, but more than that he was a dear friend and guide who's limitless energy and creativity is an unfailing inspiration to what is possible."

Douglas Raines, MD, in meory of Dr. Warren Zapol

Ken Solt, MD, in memory of Dr. Warren Zapol