Preconference AAEs: Resilience & Success in an Uncertain World

Address the issues most important to your practice within just one weekend. The program is full of solutions for you, from preconferences and roundtable discussions to special tracks and more.

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Friday, January 29
CT Session Speaker

9 a.m. AAE Preconference Steve Comess, BSN, MHSA;
Kristen Adams;
Patrick Allaire, MD, FASA
Building Resilient Operations for Critical Times
Learning Objectives

10 a.m. AAE Preconference Stephen Comess, BSN, MHSA;
Patricia McCausland, JD
A Legal Update on COVID Related HR Changes
Learning Objectives

11 a.m. AAE Preconference James Lineberger, MHA, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE;
Kate Fowler, CPA, FACHE;
Peter DiDio, CPA, FACHE;
Owen Dahl, MBA, FACHE
When Your Dollars and Cents Get Infected
Learning Objectives

Noon TableTalk Networking

1 p.m. AAE Preconference Cynthia Roehr, CPA,CMPE;
Vicki Myckowiak, JD;
Barry Mathis
Security Breach: You've Now Lost Your Practice. Why?
Learning Objectives

2 p.m. AAE Preconference Amanda Dennis;
Manuel Bonilla. MS
What's The New Normal? State of the Industry (2-2:30 pm)
Learning Objectives
2:30 p.m. James Lineberger, MHA, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE;
Laurie Baedke, FACHE, FACMPE
Resilient Leadership: The Role of Well-being Professional Performance (2:30-3 p.m.)
Learning Objectives

3 p.m. AAE Preconference Lauren Wolfe, MHA;
James Lineberger, MHA, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE;
Kristen Adams
Optimizing Remote Culture and Productivity
Learning Objectives

4 p.m. AAE Preconference Genie Blough, MBA, FACMPE; Cynthia Roehr, CPA, CMPE;
Joanne Conroy, MD
Organizational Resilience: Stories from the Front Lines
Learning Objectives

5 p.m. AAE Preconference   Roundtables (8 Zoom Breakout Rooms) 2 sessions of roundtables - 30 minutes each
Academic / Recruiting Strategies / Hot Topics / Pain Management Services / Revenue Cycle Management / HR Issues / New to Anesthesia and Peer Networking


Practice Management 2021 Conference Learning Objectives

  1. Identify Values-Based Leadership and apply the principles in your leadership journey
  2. Describe business risks from the legislative arena and how to mitigate them
  3. Discuss the current state of Racial Disparity and the potential for an equitable future
  4. Determine the unique issues and potential solutions of Small to Medium Group Practices
  5. Describe how to optimize your Pain Practice
  6. Discuss the impact that COVID has had on anesthesia practices and develop strategies for future success