Friday, January 26 Title
Session 1:
1:15 - 1:45 p.m.

Session 2:
1:50 - 2:20 p.m.
Table 1: Building and Sustaining Partnerships with C-Suites
Table 2: The Business Case for Environmental Sustainability in Anesthesiology
Table 3: Valuing Anesthesia Services
Table 4: Weaponized Reporting
Table 5: Promoting Wellbeing Through Conflict Resolution
Table 6: Setting Up an Independent Practice
Table 7: Optimizing Economics of Pain Medicine
Table 8: Anesthesia Staffing Models
Table 9: How Payment Issues Intersect with Advocacy
Table 10: Building a Culture of Change
Table 11: Basics of OR Management
Table 12: Navigating the OR Committee
Table 13: From Anesthesia to Leadership: Unleashing the Potential of Anesthesiologists as Chief Medical Officers, an ASA/AAPL Collaboration
Table 14: Small to Medium Group Practices
Table 15: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Workforce (Flexible Scheduling)
Table 16: Leadership in Private Practice
Table 17: Corporatization of Practice
Table 18: want to be a Leader – Do I Need an Advanced Degree?
Table 19: Billing & Coding for OB
Table 20: Compliance Programs and Internal Investigations
Table 21: HIPAA Updates
Table 22: Billing & Coding for Chronic Pain
Table 23: Billing & Coding for Colonoscopy
Saturday, January 27  
Session 1:
1:15 - 1:45 p.m.

Session 2:
1:50 - 2:20 p.m.
Table 1: Innovation and Big Thinking for Anesthesia in 2030
Table 2: Non-Clinical Time for Academia & Private Practice
Table 3: Leadership, Self-Development and Coaching
Table 4: Negotiation with Hospitals
Table 5: Negotiation with Payers
Table 6: Billing and Coding for Anesthesia
Table 7: Aligning ASA Quality Priorities with the Quality Payment Program, Clinical Guidance and Workforce
Table 8: Professional Liability
Table 9: What Would a Practice Manager Do for Us
Table 10: Anesthesiologists & Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Table 11: Addressing Physician Burnout/Creating a Strong Team Culture
Table 12: Innovative Approaches to the Anesthesia Workforce Shortage
Table 13: Career Journeys
Table 14: Preserving your Independent Practice
Table 15: Getting Your First Job and Keeping It
Table 16: From Anesthesia to Leadership
Table 17: Dealing with the Disruptive Physician
Table 18: CMS Cuts and How the ASA is Advocating & Managing
Table 19: Per Diem Work – Carving out your own clinical Schedule
Table 20: Documenting Acute Postop Pain Management
Table 21: Billing & Coding for Critical Care
Table 22: Billing & Coding for Ancillary Services
Table 23: Billing & Coding for Cardiac and Interventional Radiology
Table 24: Medical Direction

Date of last update: November 13, 2023