About ASA Committee on Global Health

Our Vision: Worldwide, Safe Anesthesia Practice

The ASA Committee on Global Health seeks to enhance worldwide anesthetic care through the development of education and clinical care programs. The Committee on Global Health seeks to facilitate ASA member anesthesiologists and anesthesia residents-in-training's volunteerism in developed programs around the world.


Worldwide, Safe Anesthesia Practice


  • Enhance anesthesia care globally through education, clinical training, research, and advocacy. 
  • Collaborate with anesthesia partners in variably resourced settings to help provide geographically appropriate, safe anesthetic care
  • Educate ASA members on safe, ethical, and effective ways to advance anesthesia care worldwide
  • Work collaboratively with the ASA Charitable Foundation to advance the quality of health and medical care in under-served communities

CURE Hospital prgram

Date of last update: December 21, 2022