GHO Programs Overview

Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship Program

Residents will have the opportunity to experience the challenges of delivering safe anesthesia in a low resource underserved area in a developing country as well as participate in the training and education of local anesthesia providers. With appropriate planning, the resident will be eligible to receive ABA credit. Covered expenses include travel, lodging, meals, visa, vaccinations and medical insurance.

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Overseas Training Programs

GHO Overseas Training Program (OTP) was established to address the urgent need for anesthesiologists to educate anesthesia providers in Africa and help address the growing crisis of fewer and fewer anesthesiologists there.

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The GHO Committee in collaboration with the ASA Charitable Foundation supports Lifebox by raising awareness about the need for pulse oximeters, and by providing education, training and follow up throughout Latin America.

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Global Scholars

The program designed to bring emerging leaders in anesthesiology from low-resource settings to our annual meeting. Participants will share their perspectives and be granted the opportunity to learn about the newest developments in the specialty and to build a network of international colleagues. Global scholars will be the educators, department chairs and national society presidents where anesthesiology, as a medical specialty, is in its infancy.

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The Nicholas Greene, M.D. Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Contribution Award

The ASA Nicholas Greene, M.D. Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Contribution is recognized annually at the ASA annual meeting. The award, acknowledging the lifelong commitment and vision of Dr. Greene, was inaugurated in 2010. ASA members who have significantly contributed to humanitarian service, literature, education and/or technology are nominated by their peers and colleagues, and selected by the GHO Committee.

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Volunteer Opportunities

GHO committee recommended sites for volunteering abroad.

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