Ukraine Support

We ask for your financial help in support of ASA’s response to the crisis in Ukraine. The ASA Charitable Foundation (ASACF) is accepting donations to provide financial aid and resources for the victims in Ukraine, with a focus on medical and anesthesiology-related supplies and team support.  As of May 9, 2022, we have raised $110,650.


Our commitment to you, our generous members who choose to offer your support, is as follows:

  • We will donate every dollar we collect to an appropriate cause(s).
  • We will carefully select relief causes that are deemed to be trustworthy and are related to medical and/or anesthesiology-related efforts.
  • We will report back to you the amount and the entities that have received Charitable Foundation contributions.

As of May 9, 2022, the Charitable Foundation’s Board has approved a Ukraine-specific $30,000 contribution to Global Response Management, a $30,000 contribution to the International Committee of the Red Cross, a $20,000 contribution to Kybele, Inc. and a $20,000 contribution to Direct Relief.


As of May 9, 2022
Thank you for your donation to Ukrainian Relief

Dr. Sean Adams 
Dr. Monica Agree 
Dr. O. Layton Alldredge Jr.
Dr. Melanie Alo` 
Dr. Yasmin Amin 
Dr. Diana Anca 
Andrews Family
Dr. Michael P. Angelucci
Dr. Meera Appaswamy 
Dr. Mary Arthur in Memory of Mrs Irene Arthur
Dr. John Azzariti 
Dr. James Baguley in Honor of Ukrainian people
Dr. Oksana Bantley
Dr. David Bashover 
Ms. Dorothy Bassett 
Mrs. Angelica Batha 
Dr. William Beck 
Dr. Robert Bedford 
Dr. Alex Bekker 
Dr. Laima Bendel in Memory of the fallen Ukranian physicians
Dr. Laura Berenstain in Memory of Casey Mitchell Drawert
Dr. Graham Berry 
Dr. Mary Blanchette 
Dr. Donald Bluh 
Dr. David Boggs 
Dr. John Bohnert 
Dr. Richard Botney 
Dr. Arthur Boudreaux
Dr. Victoria Bradford 
Dr. Mark Brady 
Mrs. Sarah Braun in Honor of Dr. Maryna Freigofer
Dr. Fred D. Brink
Dr. Manohar Bulagannavar in Memory of Shankarappa and Parwathi Bulagannavar
Dr. Amanda Burden 
Dr. Aaron Calodney 
Ms. Michele Campbell 
Dr. Lisa Caramico
Dr. Celia Carpenter  
Dr. Elizabeth Cavanagh
Dr. David Cheek 
Dr. Vivek Chellappa 
Dr. Jarva Chow 
Dr. Marlene Chua in Memory of Dr. Benjamin Rigor
Dr. Brian Chung 
CK4 Giving Fund
Dr. Randall Clark 
Dr. Jerry Cohen
Dr. Kevin Colodner 
Dr. Stuart Connell 
Dr. Timothy Connelly 
Dr. Thomas Cooper 
Dr. Paul Corey 
Dr. Daniel Cotter 
Dr. Lane Crawford 
Dr. Mary Denise Daley
Dr. Al Daniels
Dr. Joanna Davies 
Dr. Maria de Castro
Dr. Bill Dedo
Dr. Francisco DeLaCruz
Mrs. Kelly Dennis in Honor of Ukranian Medical Staff
Dr. Susan Denson
Dr. John Di Capua 
Dr. Robert DiBenedetto in Honor of F. Reed Dulany Jr.
Dr. Britta Dosland 
Dr. Mark Downey 
Dr. Heather Dozier in Memory of Carmencita Navarro Jewett
Dr. Alla Druker 
Dr. Elizabeth Drum in Honor of Dr. Maryna Freigofer
Dr. Margaret Earle in Memory of Ukrainian physicians
Dr. Robert Early Jr 
Dr. Melissa Ehlers 
Dr. Diane Ellis 
Dr. Jay Epstein 
Dr. Douglas Etsell in Honor of Lt. Col. Stephen C. Etsell
Dr. Faye Evans
Dr. Pamela Flood
Dr. Stephen Flynn in Memory of Ron Litman DO
Dr. Stephen Flynn in Honor of Stephen and Carmel Flynn
Dr. Regina Fragneto 
Dr. Jeff Fuqua 
Dr. Michal Gajewski 
Ms. Maureen Geoghegan 
Dr. Kathryn Glas
Dr. Nancy Glass
Dr. David Gloyna 
Dr. Rich Gnaedinger 
Dr. Michael Goldstoff 
Dr. Andrea Gomez Morad in Honor of Nicolas
Dr. Wayne Graff 
Dr. Timothy Graham 
Dr. Shannon Grap 
Ms. Deborah Greif 
Mrs. Deepa Gudipally 
Dr. Alexander Hannenberg
Dr. HannsJoerg Hasche-Kluender 
Dr. Bradley Haugstad
Dr. Joy Hawkins
Dr. Rickard Hawkins
Dr. Maurine Heard 
Dr. John Heath
Dr. Sandra Hecht in Honor of those selflessly providing humanitarian relief 
Mr. Eric Heil 
Herting Family Fund
Dr. Linda Hertzberg in Memory of Arthur and Phyllis Hertzberg
Dr. Richard Himes 
Dr. Keith Housman 
Dr. Stephanie Ibekwe 
Dr. Mitchell Jablons 
Ms. Kim Jansen 
Dr. Stephanie Jones 
Dr. Londa Jue 
Dr. Ivan Kangrga 
Dr. Michael Karbowski in Memory of Michael Karbowski
Dr. James Kelleher 
Dr. Bruce Kleinman
Dr. Oksana Klimkina in Honor of The Ukrainian Army
Dr. Christina Klufas in Honor of The Ukrainian People
Dr. Michael Kral
Dr. Joseph Kras in Memory of Casimir and Dorothy Kras
Dr. David Krhovsky 
Dr. Karl Kroeker 

Dr. James Krukowski in Honor of All those fighting for freedom
Dr. Jennifer Ladd 
Dr. Christopher Larson 
Dr. Joel Larson 
Dr. Melissa Leaf 
Dr. George Lederhaas
Ulana Leskiw
Dr. Peter Lichtenthal 
Dr. Mark Logvin 
Dr. Robert Lovitz 
Dr. Donna Lucas 
Dr. Philip Lumb 
Mr. James Lunsford in Honor of Dr. Sween and PSA
Dr. David Martin 
Dr. Michael McCaughan 
Dr. William McCrea 
Dr. Kathryn McGoldrick in Memory of Dr and Mrs Louis G. McGoldrick
Dr. Agnes Melton
Dr. Agi Melton 
Dr. Kimberly Mendoza 
Dr. James Mesrobian 
Dr. Lopa Misra 
Dr. Matthew Mitchell 
Dr. Brita Mittal 
Dr. Wyn Mortimer 
Dr. Joseph Murphy 
Dr. Davoy Murray 
Dr. Ngoc Nguyen 
Dr. Theresa Northern 
Dr. Fred O’Donnell
Dr. Cheryl Orr
Dr. Thomas Osborn 
Dr. Dale Ostrander 
Dr. Charles W. Otto 
Dr. Udaya Padakandla 
Dr. Robert Padilla 
Dr. Kathleen Parr 
Dr. Harry Parr 
Dr. Caroline Pasquariello in Honor of the soldiers and civilians fighting for their lives
Dr. Bridget Pearce in Honor of President Volodymir Zalensky
Dr. Donald Penning in Memory of David S. Warner
Dr. Lee Perrin 
Dr. Stephen Peters  
Dr. Mary Dale Peterson 
Dr. Cathy Petty 
Dr. James Philip 
Dr. Evan Pivalizza 
Dr. Deborah Plagenhoef 
Dr. Nicholas Pollard 
Mr. Paul Pomerantz 
Dr. Dmitry Portnoy in Honor of My Mother
Dr. Bridget Pulos 
Dr. Beth Quy
Dr. S. Raj  
Dr. Sally Rampersad  
Dr. Elizabeth Rebello
Mr. Brian Reilly 
Dr. Charles Rew 
Dr. Ellen Richter
Dr. Pragati Rohatgi  
Dr. Andrew Rosenberg  
Dr. Ann And Allan Rothschild in Honor of The Ukranian People
Dr. Cathy Russo
Dr. Deborah Rusy 
Dr. Nabil Salameh in Honor of Kamal Salameh MD
Dr. George Sarantinos 
Dr. John Satterfield in Memory of Joseph Spagna
Dr. John Sauter in Honor of Elizabeth Drum, MD
Dr. Yashesh Savani 
Dr. Anthony Schwagerl 
Dr. Thalia Segal in Memory of Thalia Segal
Mrs. Jennie Sekiya
Dr. Martin Serrins 
Dr. Ann Showan in Honor of Dr. David E. Longnecker
Dr. Karen Sibert 
Dr. Kirsten Simanonok
Dr. James Singer 
Dr. Mark Singleton 
Dr. Andrew Smith 
Dr. Mark Snyder in Honor of Mark Snyder
Dr. Mark Spiro in Honor of Manya Szpiro and Mietec Kolbstrych
Dr. Scott Springman 
Dr. Matthew Stenzel 
Dr. John Stephenson 
Dr. Shepard Stone in Honor of Lisa Leffert
Dr. Joan Stratton 
Dr. Eileen Stuart-Shor
Dr. Scott Swartz in Honor of Joan Swartz
Dr. Steve Sween in Honor of Sarah Braun
Dr. James Szocik in Memory of Jozef Szocik
Dr. Cynthia Taber in Honor of all of the brave physicians of Ukraine
Dr. Margaret Tarpey 
Dr. Heidi Tavel 
Dr. Otto Thomas in Memory of Janie Jo Petaja and Kevin Scott
Dr. Sydney Thomson 
Dr. Thomas Toal in Memory of Elizabeth Claire Toal
Dr. Bui Tran 
Dr. Cameron Tusken 
Dr. Jeff Unruh 
Dr. William Van De Graaf in Honor of Brave Ukrainian Resistance
Dr. Bruce Van Dop 
Dr. David Vierra in Honor of Ukrainian Health Care Workers
Dr. Christopher M. Viscomi
Mrs. Kathy Vrabec in Honor of Ukrainian health professionals
Dr. Bruce Wales
Dr. Ben Walker
Dr. Walter Walters in Honor of
Dr. Christopher Ward 
Ms. Elizabeth Watson in Memory of Robert L. Watson, MD
Dr. Matt Weinger 
Dr. Jason Wells in Honor of Dr. Max Rovensky
Dr. Jim West
Dr. Matthew White 
Dr. Susan Whitney 
Dr. Anne Wilhite 
Dr. Jane Winters 
Dr. Matthew Wood in Honor of Joann Wood
Dr. Chris Yeakel
Dr. Liora Yehushua 
Dr. Steven Young in Memory of Woody Stogsdill, MD
Dr. Douglas Yunker 
Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists
Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists



“As a participant of the 2017 ASA Global Scholars Program, as a representative of Ukraine in WFSA Professional Wellbeing Committee, as a Ukrainian anaesthesiologist, in connection with Russia’s attack on my country, I would like to ask all members of the American Society of Anesthesiologists for help.

Around Ukraine, as Russian bombings are growing more indiscriminate and more civilians find themselves in harm’s way, hospitals are becoming increasingly perilous places to work. They are hit by heavy artillery, and doctors and nurses are killed while performing their duties. It is officially confirmed that 34 medical facilities had been damaged and that at least 10 doctors had been killed.

The most dire conditions are not in Kyiv, the capital, but in cities partially or wholly surrounded, such as Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine, where three medical facilities have been heavily damaged by artillery: the Kharkiv City Hospital, the Regional Children’s Hospital and a blood bank.

Physicians-anaesthesiologists are literally on the front lines and continuing to provide care to patients from bomb shelters and basements. The work in the field is intense. It often happens that the mind would still want to continue but the body says the limit came up.

The biggest trouble is the interruptions to supply chains. Most hospitals rarely have stocks of drugs and consumables beyond a few days due to storage-space constraints and the cost of keeping large inventories. These stocks are rapidly consumed, particularly items needed for treating war injuries, such as antibiotics, blood products and dressings. Medical oxygen supplies in Ukrainian hospitals are dangerously low.

Under the horrifying reality of the Ukrainian hospitals, (pre)natal-care facilities and kindergartens being bombed, Ukrainian anaesthesiologists are doing their best and risking their lives, striving for the well-being of their patients.

Your donations can help save thousands of Ukrainian lives – civilians and defenders, as all of them need your support and financial assistance. Ukrainian doctors appeal to the medical professionals all over the world: help us save lives!”

- Dr. Maryna Freigofer, 2017 ASACF Global Scholar and Ukrainian anesthesiologist, from a letter to ASA on March 9, 2022