2023 Grant Recipients

Since 1986, the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) has funded more than $58 million in research grants and programs. Below is a list of our 2023 grant recipients.

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2023 Grant Recipients

Acker, Leah

Leah Acker, PhD, MD
Primary Mentor: Heather E. Whitson, MD, MHS
Secondary Mentor: Joseph P. Mathew, MD, MHSc, MBA
Tertiary Mentor: Miles Berger, MD, PhD
Additional Collaborator: Niccolò Terrando, PhD
The Role of the Aging Brain-Heart-Immune Axis in Postoperative Delirium

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina


Barajas, Matthew

Matthew Barajas, MD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Matthias Riess, MD, PhD, FASA
Secondary Mentor: Jerri M. Rook, PhD
Tertiary Mentor: Masakazu Shiota, DVM, PhD
Additional Collaborators: Robert Gould, PhD; Susan Eagle, MD
Functional Neurologic Outcomes of Post Arrest Conditioning in Diabetic Rats

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, Tennessee


Caldwell, Matthew

Matthew Caldwell, MD
Research in Education Grant
Primary Mentor: Sachin Kheterpal, MD, MBA
Additional Collaborators: Lara Zisblatt, EdD, MA, PMME; Norah N. Naughton, MD
INSPECT (Improvement in the Scope and Precision of Educational Cases for Trainees): Phenotyping the Clinical Experience of Trainees Using Electronic Health Records

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan


Chen, QiLiangQiLiang Chen, MD, PhD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: David Clark, MD, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Xiaoke Chen, PhD
Tertiary Mentor: Mary Heinricher, PhD
The Role of Pain-Facilitating Circuits in Chronic Pain after Traumatic Brain Injury

Stanford University
Stanford, California


Chung, Philip

Philip Chung, MD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Nima Aghaeepour, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Sean Mackey, MD, PhD
Tertiary Mentor: Nigam H. Shah, MBBS, PhD
Additional Collaborators: Meliha Yetisgen, PhD; Vikas O'Reilly-Shah, MD, PhD
Writing a Preoperative Evaluation Note using Large Language Models

Stanford University
Stanford, California


Cole, Naida

Naida Cole, MD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Brian T. Bateman, MD, MSc
Secondary Mentor: Evan Kharasch, MD, PhD
Tertiary Mentor: Peter Nagele, MD
Additional Collaborators: Abbe Kordik, MD; Brendan Carvalho, MD, FRCA; Steven Shafer, MD
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Oxytocin in Cesarean Delivery

The University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


Dixit, Anjali

Anjali Dixit, MD, MPH
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Sean Mackey, MD, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Keith Humphreys, PhD
Additional Collaborators: Eric Sun, MD, PhD; Laurence Baker, PhD; Michelle Odden, PhD
Risk and Predictors of Postoperative Opioid Agonist Treatment Discontinuation in Surgical Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

Stanford University
Stanford, California


Hadler, RachelRachel Hadler, MD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Dionysios Kavalieratos, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Rebecca A. Aslakson, MD, PhD, FAAHPM, FCCM
Tertiary Mentor: Jordan Kempker, MD, MSc
Addressing Treatment Intensity in Critical Illness through Assessment of Early Mortality after Interhospital Transfer

Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia


Huang, JeffreyJeffrey Huang, MD
Research in Education Grant
Primary Mentor: David Warner, MD
Additional Collaborators: Arnoley Abcejo, MD; Charles Sims III, MD, FASA; David Cook, MD, MHPE; Ellen Usher, PhD; Lauren Licatino, MD; Timothy Long, MD
Chronometric Pressure and In-Person Gamified Learning: A Mixed Methods Study in an Escape Room

Mayo Clinic in Rochester
Rochester, Minnesota


Ibarra, Andrea

Andrea Ibarra, MD
SOAP-FAER Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Janet Catov, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Meryl Butters, PhD
Tertiary Mentor: Senthil Sadhasivam, MD, MPH, MBA, FASA
Additional Collaborators: Grace Lim, MD, MS; Hsing-Hua Sylvia Lin, PhD; Uppala Radhakrishna, PhD
Longitudinal Cognitive Evaluation Before and After Delivery Among Women with Preeclampsia

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Liou, Jyun-youJyun-you Liou, MD, PhD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Alipasha Vaziri, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Hugh C. Hemmings Jr., MD, PhD, FRCA
Additional Collaborators: Conor Liston, MD, PhD; Hui Fang, PhD
Discovering Neuronal Firing Patterns Underlying Anesthetic-induced Slow Waves

Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, New York


Malinzak, ElizabethElizabeth Malinzak, MD
FAER-ABA Research in Education Grant
Primary Mentor: Madhav Swaminathan, MD, FAHA, FASE, MBBS, MMCi
Secondary Mentor: Ashley Grantham, PhD
Examining Confidence Ratings in MOCA Minute

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina


Michael, Meghan

Meghan Michael, MD
APSF-FAER Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Christopher Landrigan, MD, MPH
Secondary Mentor: Elizabeth Lazzara, PhD, MA
Additional Collaborators: Amy Starmer, MD; DaiWai Olson, PhD; David McDonagh, MD; Jeffrey Cooper, PhD; Lee Ann Riesenberg, PhD; Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP; Nancy Spector, MD; Paul Nakonezny, PhD; Philip Greilich, MD; Shannon Paquette, MD
A Structured Communication and Team Training Program to Improve Perioperative Patient Safety

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, Texas


Perez, AlexendarAlexendar Perez, MD, PhD
Research Fellowship Grant
Primary Mentor: Judith Hellman, MD
Secondary Mentor: Joana Vidigal, PhD
Tertiary Mentor: Matthieu Legrand, MD, PhD
Role of Transposable Elements in Septic Immune Aging

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, California


Tan, BrandonBrandon Tan, MD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Wayland Cheng, MD, PhD
Lipid Modulation of the Serotonin 3 Receptor

Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri


Thompson, JeremyJeremy Thompson, MD, PhD
Mentored Research Training Grant
Primary Mentor: Meaghan Creed, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Alex Evers, MD
Molecular Adaptations in Mesolimbic Dopamine Neurons Underlying the Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain

Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri


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