White Paper Resources

Resource - PSH Model Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Perioperative Surgical Home Learning Collaborative: Leveraging the PSH Model

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Resource - PSH Defined

PSH Definition

Perioperative Surgical Home: Vision, Strategic Principles and Definition

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Resource - PSH Introduction

PSH Introduction

A short descriptive deck intended for an audience that has no familiarity with PSH

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Resource - PSH Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

A one page explanation of the PSH guiding principles and care model

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Resource - The Need for PSH

A Need for PSH

A six page brochure explaining the need for PSH and improved patient experience

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Resource - PSH Interviews


 A 30 page study of interview results from 15 selected U.S. programs

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Resource - PSH Literature Review

Literature Review

A 95 page comprehensive literature review for the ASA

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Resource - PSH Business Model

Business Model

for Perioperative Care

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Resource - PSH Improving Outcomes

Improving Outcomes

Perioperative Surgical Home: Improving Surgical Outcomes and Reducing Costs

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