ANESTHESIOLOGY 2023 Center Stage Schedule

SATURDAY, October 14, 2023
10 - 10:30 a.m. Healthcare Lines, Microhubs, and Meeting People Where They Are: Improving Lives by Reimagining Outdated Healthcare Systems
Speaker: Shawn Nason, CEO
OFFOR Health
Presented by: Offor Health Anyone else tired of outdated health care systems that prevent physicians from providing the care they know people deserve? Come engage the mindsets, methodologies, and design principles that can create change, move people up from the back of the line, and improve lives, including your own.
10:30 - 11 a.m.  Using HIPAA Administrative Simplification to Save Time and Money Speaker: Kathryn S. Beard, JD
Presented by: R1 RCM Inc You may be familiar with its siblings Privacy and Security—but what is HIPAA Administrative Simplification? How can it help your practice? Learn about electronic communications standards and ways to alleviate significant operational and administrative pain points by better understanding these requirements.
11:30 - Noon Anesthesia Subsidies – Creating a Win-Win Scenario Speaker: Lauren Wolfe, MHA,
Vice President Advisory Services
Presented by: Ventra Health Throughout the United States health care system, anesthesia practices require new and increasing subsidies to maintain financial solvency. In this session, Ventra Health’s panel of hospital executives and physician practice experts will discuss negotiating department support, aligning incentives, and meeting both hospital and practice goals to achieve “win-win” solutions.
Noon - 12:30 p.m. Perioperative Point of Care Ultrasound - a 2023 Update Speaker: Davinder Ramsingh, MD
Presented by: Butterfly Network This presentation will explore the evolution and impact of perioperative point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in this 2023 update. We'll dive into groundbreaking research, analyze relevant clinical cases, and look ahead to technological advancements in medical ultrasound, including the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of perioperative POCUS.
12:30 - 1 p.m. Lung Protective Ventilation in the Operating Room - Time for Individualization Speaker: Daniel Talmor, MD, MPH
Presented by: Mindray Intraoperative mechanical ventilation impacts postoperative complications and patient recovery.  However, there is still uncertainty among clinicians about how to deliver best-practice mechanical ventilation.  This talk will discuss strategies to optimize and individualize intraoperative mechanical ventilation with tools available during clinical routine.
2 - 3 p.m. ACCRAC Live-Audience Podcast Hosted by Jed Wolpaw, MD, MEd
Guests: Deborah Culley, MD,
John Eichhorn, MD
Presented by ASA Participate in a live-audience podcast hosted by Jed Wolpaw, MD, MEd, of the popular ACCRAC series! Dr. Wolpaw will interview Deborah Culley, MD, and John Eichhorn, MD, to discuss the risk factors, causes, and prevention of post-operative delirium (POD) and explore the history and future of patient monitoring.
SUNDAY, October 15, 2023
10 - 11 a.m.  Spreading Capnography Globally: Taking on the Challenge Speakers: Alex Hannenberg, MD
Zipporah Gathuya, MD
Faye Evans, MD
Angela Enright, MB, FRCPC
Presented by Lifebox The panel will provide an overview of efforts to expand capnography - a crucial patient safety monitor in resource-limited countries. The ASA includes the use of capnography in its Standards for Basic Anesthetic Monitoring (updated December 2020). However, in many countries the lack of access to basic anesthetic monitoring, including capnography remains and is well documented. In 2021, the WFSA published the Minimum Capnometer Specifications - A Guide for Health Care Decision Makers. The same year Smile Train, Lifebox, the WFSA, and other global leaders in patient safety launched a partnership to seek capnography solution that would fulfill safe monitoring needs in resource-limited hospitals, especially for pediatric patients. An accompanying education package is being piloted in Ethiopia in early 2023 and results will be presented during this panel. Key points to be covered in the panel: 1. Development of Minimum Capnometer Specifications, Identification and Introduction of a Low-Cost, High-Quality Capnography Solution in Resource-Limited settings. 2.The Case for Capnography as a Minimum Standard for Safe Surgery globally.
11 a.m. - Noon Medication Safety in the O.R.: The Future is Now Speakers: Karen C. Nanji, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Guided Clinical Solutions
Rita K. Jew, PharmD, MBA, BCPPS, FASHP, President, ISMP;
Maria Van Pelt, CRNA, PhD, Northeastern University
Presented by ASA Medication errors are common and have high potential for patient harm. Many solutions such as improved labeling, prefilled syringes, barcode scanning and smart syringe pumps have been adopted, yet preventable errors still occur. This panel will review 1. The scope of the problem, existing prevention strategies, and evidence to support their efficacy in preventing medication errors, 2. Emerging guidelines on the future of medication safety, including those from Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), and 3. Modern approaches to achieve compliance with these guidelines, with the goal of eliminating medication errors through the use of technology and workflow changes.
Noon – 12:30 p.m. Situational Awareness in Anesthesia. Will an Avatar Change Your Perception? Speakers: David Tscholl, MD
Christoph Noethiger, MD
Presented by: Philips Using an avatar-based monitoring approach to solve situational awareness challenges in anesthesia. Inspired by synthetic vision and the latest in user-centered design.
12:30 - 1 p.m. Leveraging Technology to Reduce Human Errors in the Perioperative Setting Speaker: Lauren Lobaugh, MD, MAS, FAAP
Assistant Professor, Director of Safety, Chair Policies and Procedures
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine
Presented by Omnicell Despite the 1999 “To Err is Human”, we have not made healthcare safer in the past 24 years. Anesthesiologists, the leaders in patient safety, have yet to truly lean into technology-based solutions to minimize human factors that lead to error. Partnering with Omnicell allows Anesthesiologist to focus on the patients. 
4 - 5 p.m. ASA Central Line Live-Audience Podcast Hosted by Adam Striker, MD, FASA
Guests: Brooke Trainer, MD, FASA, Abigail Schirmer, MD, Mark Singleton, MD, and Richard Himes, MD
Presented by ASA Be part of a live-audience podcast show. Host Adam Striker, MD, FASA, will lead a live panel discussion featuring different generations of anesthesiologists. Residents, retirees, and mid- and late-career anesthesiologists will discuss the evolution of the specialty, consider unique challenges and opportunities faced by each generation, share lessons learned from those who went before them--and from those who came after them.
5:30 – 6 p.m. The Evidence for Non-Invasive Core Temperature Monitoring and How the Technology Helps Protect Patients from Hypothermia Speakers: Jonathan Cayce, PhD, MS
Mary Pile, MBA
Presented by DeRoyal Industries Temple Touch Pro™ monitors core temperature with a sensor placed on the temple. The technology’s accuracy is clinically acceptable compared to other methods (esophagus and bladder). This talk will summarize the clinical evidence and highlight the benefits of monitoring a patient’s temperature with non-invasive techniques throughout the continuum of care.
MONDAY, October 16, 2023
11:30 a.m. - Noon Pursuing Passion: Discover the Freedom and Balance of the Locum Tenens Lifestyle. Speakers: Shannon Peterson
Paul Hoehner, MD
Presented by: Medicus Healthcare Solutions Dr. Paul Hoehner, a respected Anesthesiologist, shares his view on the world of locum tenens with Medicus Healthcare Solutions. Locums work has allowed Dr. Hoehner to pursue his passions and achieve professional fulfillment beyond expectations. Learn how a locum tenens career can help you reach your personal and professional aspirations.
Noon - 12:30 p.m. Viscoelastic Testing and Patient Blood Management: Insights from the University of Utah Speaker: Nathaniel M. Birgenheier, MD
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology, University of Utah
Presented by Werfen Viscoelastic testing (VET) can be an essential part of a hospital’s patient blood management (PBM) program, particularly in the cardiovascular operating room (CVOR). Dr. Birgenheier will discuss the University of Utah’s experience with the  growth of VET and the clinical and economic benefits for their patients and the institution.

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