Call for Abstracts and Submission Guidelines

Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists/Association of Veterans Affairs Anesthesiologists 2024 Annual Academic Meeting CALL FOR ABSTRACTS and Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  • Submission is free, the deadline: Sunday, June 23, 2024.
  • If you also submit an abstract to ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2024, a separate submission of your abstract to the Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists (USSA) / Association of Veterans Affairs Anesthesiologists (AVAA) annual meeting is explicitly permitted by ASA, USSA and AVAA. Acceptance notifications will be sent out in August 2024.
  • Selected abstracts will be presented at the meeting in person during a dedicated abstract session. Meeting presentation instructions will be released in September 2024. Abstracts will be shown electronically during the meeting.
  • Please note the USSA/AVAA annual meeting scientific abstract embargo policy: Embargo policies have been adopted from the ASA annual meeting guidance in that all scientific abstracts accepted for presentation are embargoed (may not be published or publicized) until the date and time of presentation.

The USSA/AVAA Annual Meeting Abstract Review Committee will score and select all submissions based on the following criteria.

  • Is this research/medically challenging case (MCC) meaningful and is the study design adequate?
  • Will this work bring a change to the way you practice?
  • Is the work innovative or novel?
  • Is there IRB/IACUC approval/exemption (incl for MCCs)?

Award Information:

The abstract review committee will score abstracts and the 3 top scoring abstracts in the category of MCC and scientific studies respectively will be determined to receive an award. All top-rated abstract authors will receive a complimentary annual membership to either the Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists or Association of Veterans Affairs Anesthesiologists. Any additional award(s) or recognition will be at the discretion of the USSA/AVAA Annual Meeting Abstract Review Committee.

Submission Steps:


  • All case titles must be in English.
  • Type your title directly in the space provided or copy and paste it from a word-processing program.
  • Type your title in upper- and lower-case letters. Please do not type in all uppercase letters.
  • 100 character limit for title.

Author Information Limit: No more than ten authors can be added to the abstract.

Abstract Category: Please select a session category that that is relevant to your submission:

  • Medically Challenging Case.
  • Scientific Study.

Abstract Submission:
Acceptance notification to all authors will be e-mailed in August 2024. Information about accepted abstracts will appear on the USSA/AVAA Annual Academic Meeting website, and will include the title, authors/institutions and the submitted summary.

How To Enter Your Abstract: Abstracts may be uploaded as a single file (Word or PDF) using the "Browse Files" link within the submission form. Limit the body of your abstract to no more than 3,400 characters. Abstract title, authors, institutions, tables, and figures should be included in this file and do not count as characters and are not applied towards the character count of the body of the abstract.

Abstract Summary:
PLEASE NOTE: The size limit is 800 characters which will also include the authors and institution. Please enter ONLY the summary. The summary should be a two to three-line summary/description of your abstract that may only appear on the USSA/AVAA Annual Academic Meeting website. The material will not be considered in the grading or acceptance process for abstracts.


Date of last update: April 23, 2024