Ticketed Sessions

Mix up your learning— get hands-on at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2023

Advance your practice and share new learning with your care teams. These special ticketed events are limited to small groups, so you can dive deep into concepts and take away valuable insights and skills.

Hands-on Workshops

More than 40 opportunities to try a wide range of technology and techniques with simulations and skills practice with peers. Including:

  • Cadaveric Workshops on Advanced Skills That Every Physician Anesthesiologist Should Know
  • Basic POCUS and TEE in Critical Illness: An Interactive Hands-on Workshop with Case-Based Learning and Decision Making
  • Exploring the Space: Traditional and Innovative Instruction for Brachial Plexus Blocks

Interactive Tutorials

Lively seminars on a wide range of topics, known for an active give-and-take between specialty thought leaders and participants. Including:

  • When Things Go Bad - An Adverse Event Analysis Tutorial
  • Implementing Inclusive Leadership: Mitigating Unconscious Bias, Addressing Microaggression, and Enhancing Allyship
  • Perioperative Communication - The Art of Managing Difficult Conversations

Problem-Based Learning Discussions

Always popular! Dynamic, guided round-table discussions of thought-provoking cases and the implications of clinical decisions. Including:

  • What I Wish I Learned As A Resident - Financial Advice For Doctors, By Doctors
  • Lost In Conversion: Intrathecal Opioids To Equivalent Oral Opioids In Chronic Pain Patients
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Perioperative Allergic Reactions Before It's Too Late


Date of last update: July 7, 2023