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Hunter Jones

Decision To Call Off Surgery Discovers Second Cancer Diagnosis

Trauma Physician Anesthesiologists

The R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center highlights the importance of trauma center physician anesthesiologists

Kathleen Callahan

Chronic Pain Patient Life Changes After Managing Condition Without Opioids

Jane Fitch, MD

Quest for Knowledge Drives Nurse to Earn Medical Degree

Bhoumesh Patel, MD

Education and Training Prepare Physician Anesthesiologists for Crisis Response

Lisa Solomon, DO

Pandemic Response Brings Out the Best in Colleagues

Marc Sherwin, MD

Physician Anesthesiologists Bring a Unique Combination of Skills to COVID-19 Care

Sadie and her mother

Sadie Grant

Procedure Allows Toddler to Live with Less Pain

Jennifer Leaf, MD

Advocates for Patient and Saves Her Life

Steven Dale Boggs, MD

Local Anesthetic and Handholding Help Keep Patient Breathing

Christopher Cook, DO

Expertise Manages Risky Health Condition During Surgery

Richard Banchs, MD

Gave Child with Cancer Second Chance at Life

Elena Koepke, MD, MBA

Helped Ensure Transplant Patient Gets Gift of Life

Alley Maneer produced an award-winning painting after her physician anesthesologist gave her back the use of her hand.

Alanna Maneer

Injections Give Artist Back Hand, Life and Passion

Moltu Guy, MD

Tough Call Stops a Surgery, Saves a Life

Jeff Berger, MD, MBA

Quick Action Saves Three Lives and Earns a Hug