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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the "governance hotel" in 2024?
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown (1200 Filbert St, Philadelphia, PA 19107)

Does the ASA Board of Directors (BOD) meet at the annual meeting?
Yes, the BOD has an interim meeting immediately following the second session of the House of Delegates. This Board meeting elects the committees of the BOD and conducts other business that will set the tone for the next governance year. The October ASA Board meeting marks the official start of the new governance year. 

How do I access the House Handbook and other governance resources?
These materials, once ready for the year, are under the member login on ASA's main site at Governance Resources.

What is the general governance schedule at the ASA annual meeting?


  • State and regional caucus meetings
  • Committee and editorial board meetings


  • House of Delegates, Session I
  • State issues forum
  • Reference committees
  • Committee and editorial board meetings


  • Committee and editorial board meetings


  • State and regional caucus meetings
  • Committee and editorial board meetings


  • House of Delegates, Session II
  • October Interim Board of Directors

Where and when are the next few annual meetings?
Upcoming dates and cities can be found here.

Date of last update: November 16, 2022