August 11
In-Person Conference / Meeting
2023 Anesthesiology Update
Aug 11 - 13, 2023 The Dana at Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
Education Track: Fundamentals of Anesthesiology

The UCSD Anesthesiology Update 2023 promises to be both an exciting and refreshing occasion. This course has a long history of providing excellent up-to-date lectures and workshops for all anesthesiologist and anesthesia practitioners, and we are continuing this tradition. All of our speakers are experts in their fields and accomplished lecturers. This course has, as its basic theme, a critical evaluation of the current practices of anesthesia. The program will contain state of the art elements in all the anesthesia subspecialties and discuss important new problems and their solutions.

  • Anesthesia Fundamentals

Contact Information

Beth Withrow UCSD Department of Anesthesiology 200 West Arbor Dr. #0801 San Diego, CA 92103 United States of America 619-543-5560 (Tel) [email protected]