Webinars On Your Watch

Quality Reporting
Behavioral Economics
Temperature management for surgical site infection prevention recommendations, as well as ERAS guidelines and recommendations for anesthetic practice.
Physician and patient in hospital
Family with child in the hospital bed
Care Team consultation
medical team of different ages
The Womens Speakers is a five part Series with CME
Women Anesthesiologists
Watch this video series to understand how female anesthesiologists flourish in the face of a busy career
smiling parents and children in hospital
Video image from the Leadership developement series
A guide to Suicide Prevention resources that may help you or a colleague get help
Video image from the Improving Brain Health webinar
Video image from Perioperative Geriatric Care State of the Union
Video image from the Resident Career Development series
Video image from the Medical student career in anesthesiology series

Date of last update: March 21, 2023