Basic Perioperative TEE

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ASA/SCA Basic Perioperative TEE Program
The Basic Perioperative TEE program is a collaboration between ASA, Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists and iTeachU to deliver a training and accreditation program that complies with the provisions set out by the National Board of Echocardiography (NBE). Learn at your convenience – anytime, anywhere – with this computer-based learning program. This program is ideal for anesthesiologists, emergency medicine, critical care physicians, researchers and other health-care professionals with an interest in anesthesiology.

"The iTeachU course for basic TEE training is outstanding. The cases are well organized and they lead the learner through a process that really develops proficiency. I am very happy that I chose to utilize this program to further my TEE training." - Basic TEE User
"I finished residency over 15 years ago. This program has been one of the best educational opportunities I had the honor to be a part of since that time. The chapter on hemodynamics is one of the best written chapters I’ve read in quite a long time-succinct, informative and practical.” - Basic TEE User

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Engage in two full tutorials taken from the Basic Perioperative TEE program – learn how to perform a TEE examination and basic hemodynamic state assessment. Additionally, complete five case studies that focus on basic hemodynamic state abnormalities. Take advantage of this exciting free learning opportunity to try the Basic Perioperative TEE program before buying it. Try it now!

Basic Perioperative TEE
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