Defending Physician-Led Care

AANA’s Anti-Team-Based Anesthesia-Care Campaign

For years, an anti-anesthesiologist contingent of AANA has sought to dismantle the successful and proven anesthesia care team model at both state and federal levels. Throughout the country, where the team model is practiced, it works – ensuring patients access to safe, high-quality anesthesia care. ASA views all members of the Anesthesia Care Team – nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists assistants – as valued, important members of the team and appreciates the professional and productive relationships gained through the team. ASA’s goal is to preserve and strengthen physician-led care whether provided directly or in a team-based setting.

Most recently, in May 2019, the AANA launched a malicious, irresponsible campaign: CRNA’s: We are the Answer, which contains recycled, reformatted misinformation that AANA has spread for years, which lacks integrity and is designed to be provocative. The information in the campaign isn’t new or accurate and doesn’t resonate with legislators or the public. No major national or local news outlets have covered the AANA statement.

Physician-led care team administering and monitoring anesthesia in an operating room

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