Quality Payment Program


The Quality Payment Program (QPP), established under MACRA, is the new Medicare value-based reimbursement system. The QPP rewards physicians and clinicians for giving better care, not just more care. In short, Medicare payments are aligned with quantifiable performance and quality metrics. To ensure there are relevant quality measures from which eligible anesthesia clinicians can select, AQI is working with physician anesthesiologists and CMS to develop and obtain approval for measures.


Final 2018 MIPS scores released

MIPS-eligible clinicians and groups may request review of 2018 MIPS scores

2018 MIPS data submitted

CMS releases 2017 QPP Experience Report  

CMS updates 2019 quality reporting resources 

For additional CMS resources, check out the CMS QPP Resource Library.


The QPP has two reimbursement tracks:

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Physicians participating in MIPS can potentially earn a performance-based upward payment adjustment to their Medicare Part B payments based upon their performance in four categories.

Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

Those eligible clinicians and practices participating in the APM model are rewarded for taking on some risk related to their patients’ outcomes. Advanced APMs seek to incentivize providers to lower costs, while improving care.