Improvement Activities (IA) Templates 2021

The templates on this page may be used by individuals and groups to begin documenting their compliance with select Improvement Activities.

ASA has developed nine (9) downloadable documentation guidance templates for commonly reported improvement activities for anesthesiologists and pain medicine physicians. Please note, these templates have been drafted using recommended documentation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) but have not been validated or approved by CMS.

Eligible clinicians (ECs) and groups should proactively identify and start planning how to complete the minimum number of improvement activities early in the year. In 2021, groups can attest to an activity when at least 50% of the clinicians in the group perform the same activity during any continuous 90-day period (or as specified in the activity description) in the same performance year.

Improvement activities and their criteria for reporting may change each year. All ECs and groups should review current year improvement activities that are available for download in the CMS Quality Payment Program Resource Library.

Physician anesthesiologists and their groups should choose improvement activities that reflect their priorities. For a list of improvement activities that the AQI supports for attestation purposes, visit the AQI website.