Promoting Interoperability Scoring

In order to secure full credit towards the 25% weight of the MIPS Promoting Interoperability (PI) performance category, MIPS-eligible clinicians must report on four different objectives consisting of five measures for the 2019 performance year. There are two bonus opportunities worth five points each. ECs can receive a maximum of 110 points in 2019. Please note, however, that the score is capped at 100 percent.

Scoring methodology for the 2019 MIPS performance period.

The measures will be scored, depending on the measure, on the EC’s performance through the submission of a numerator or denominator or a “yes or no” attestation.

Please note: In order to qualify for any score, ECs must conduct or review a security risk analysis outlined in the QPP final rule. This is considered an unscored measure by CMS and is not included in the table above.

The scoring system for the PI category has changed substantially since the 2018 performance year.  

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