Quality Reporting Resources and Tips

NACOR Quality Reporting is committed to making the process of quality reporting as simple as possible for ECs participating in the QCDR or QR reporting options for MACRA. AQI requests questions be submitted to the appropriate department.

Registration questions: qcdr@asahq.org
Technical questions: askaqi@asahq.org
Regulatory and measure-related questions: qra@asahq.org

Quality Reporting Virtual Office Hours

Attend our regularly scheduled virtual office hours offered the second Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m. CST. During office hours, members of the ASA staff provide general announcements regarding Quality Reporting. Q&A session follows the announcements.

Note: Registration is capped at 100 participants.

2021 Virtual Office Hours:

AQI accepts participant questions prior to all virtual office hours. Submitting a question prior to or during virtual office hours does not guarantee the question will be answered during the virtual office hour session. AQI staff may respond to the question individually rather than in the group forum. All questions related to virtual office hours should be submitted to AskAQI@asahq.org.

Quality Reporting Tips

To ensure your success, NACOR Quality Reporting recommends these best practices:

  • Choose a physician anesthesiologist or other quality champion to manage and oversee the activities
  • Establish quality control processes with your vendor or in-house IT to ensure proper data collection and formatting
  • Check data files for proper formatting and content prior to submission
  • Review and monitor TIN and NPI numbers for completeness and accuracy
  • Join files from different vendors before submitting to NACOR. If separate files are necessary, the champion should confirm with the vendor that a uniformly named episode of care ID is located in each file
  • Monitor NACOR Quality Reporting regularly to identify potential gaps
  • Ensure data are submitted by NACOR deadlines
  • Participate in NACOR Quality Reporting Virtual Office Hours
  • Read AQI listserv communications and follow actions
  • Stay abreast of reporting activities and compliance
  • View the Quality Reporting Roles and Responsibilities