Help advance the anesthesia specialty, remain vigilant and ensure high-quality patient care

Anesthesiologists are at the helm of patient safety and by submitting quality data to AQI registries, including NACOR, AIRS and Closed Claims Project demonstrates commitment and vigilance to keep patient safety a first priority.

AQI: Where Data Becomes ValueAQI: Where Data Becomes Value

Registries are the modern-day method to remain vigilant, ensure high-quality patient care and demonstrate value.

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Timeline and history of AQIA Timeline of AQI Registries

AQI’s NACOR, Anesthesia Incident Reporting System and Closed Claims registries have helped providers demonstrate their value.

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National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry® (NACOR®)National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry® (NACOR®)

Demonstrate your value. Benchmark and better differentiate yourself. Take action for continuous improvement and better patient outcomes.

  • Four service levels ensure a custom fit for all anesthesia clinicians in any practice setting
  • 88 million total cases offer the largest data set to benchmark against in the anesthesia specialty
  • Evidence-based rationale informs clinicians of treatment choices and helps control treatment costs
  • Helps educate the public, patients, media and Congress/Washington, and is a source of content for researchers
  • Gain deeper analysis, improved value, expanded data elements with the new reporting dashboard

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Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (AIRS)Anesthesia Incident Reporting System (AIRS)

A tool to learn from colleague experiences. Aggregates individual adverse events from anesthesia, pain management and perioperative care. Reduce or prevent future similar events.

  • Convenient reporting app for Android and iOS devices
  • Four specialty modules: respiratory depression, drug shortage, obstetrics and pediatrics
  • Report anonymously or confidentially depending on provider preference
  • Protected as a patient safety work product; the identity of any patient, provider, facility or practice will never be revealed
  • Data is abstracted and published as case reports to help inform clinicians and prevent patient safety issues

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Closed Claims ProjectClosed Claims Project

Analyzes closed malpractice claims. Helps ensure safe delivery of anesthesia. Improves patient safety.

  • Provides insights and identifies major safety concerns, patterns of injury and strategies for prevention for anesthesiologists
  • Study results published in scientific literature and presented at meetings across the globe
  • Improves health through innovation in quality and safety

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