Relative Value Guide 2019 Book

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The Relative Value Guide® (RVG™) is an essential tool for all anesthesia practices. RVG provides an explanation of anesthesia coding, including definitions of base units, anesthesia start/stop time, field avoidance, reporting time for neuraxial labor anesthesia services and other important elements of anesthesia billing.

RVG provides coding comments for additional information on proper code use. It also provides the ASA base unit values for each anesthesia CPT® code.

The print version is often purchased as a reference tool by those responsible for coding and billing for anesthesia services (e.g., coders, billers and health care providers), and works in conjunction with the CROSSWALK® product.

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Item Details

ASA offers companion electronic files (eFiles) as part of the user/multi-user agreement for CROSSWALK, Relative Value Guide and Reverse CROSSWALK. Data may then be embedded directly into systems for fast, reliable search functionality.

These files may be used with any software program that allows the import of these formats. Pricing for these eFiles are a flat fee plus a cost per user. For more information or to place an order, please call Member Services at (630) 912-2552.

Looking for Reverse CROSSWALK®? Reverse CROSSWALK 2019 includes the CPT anesthesia codes and cross references all the applicable CPT procedure codes that may be associated with a particular anesthesia code for data analysis and research initiatives. Reverse CROSSWALK is only available as an electronic file for download. Please call Member Services to order.

The electronic files are available in four formats:
1. Comma Separated Values (CSV)
2. Test (TXT)
3. Microsoft Excel (XLS)
4. XML Spreadsheet (XLSX)

ASA defines users as an individual who:

1. Accesses, uses, or manipulates CROSSWALK, Reverse CROSSWALK, and/or Relative Value Guide Editorial Content contained in the electronic product; or

2. Accesses, uses, or manipulates the electronic product to produce or enable an output (data, reports or the like) that could not have been created without the CROSSWALK, Reverse CROSSWALK, and/or Relative Value Guide content embedded in electronic product even though CROSSWALK, Reverse CROSSWALK, and/or RVG™ Editorial Content may not be visible or directly accessible; or

3. Makes use of an output of the Electronic Licensed Product that relies on or could not have been created without the CROSSWALK, Reverse CROSSWALK, and/or RVG Editorial Content embedded in the Electronic Licensed Product even though CROSSWALK and/or Relative Value Guide Editorial Content may not be visible or directly accessible.

Note: The American Society of Anesthesiologists requires a distribution license for use of the ASA CROSSWALK in any product intended for distribution in the U.S. or abroad. Please direct all inquiries to the ASA Associate General Counsel at (847) 268-9191.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists remains strongly committed to providing the best available evidence-based clinical information to participants of this educational activity and requires an open disclosure of any potential conflict of interest identified by our faculty members. It is not the intent of the American Society of Anesthesiologists to eliminate all situations of potential conflict of interest, but rather to enable those who are working with the American Society of Anesthesiologists to recognize situations that may be subject to question by others. All disclosed conflicts of interest are reviewed by the educational activity course director/chair to ensure that such situations are properly evaluated and, if necessary, resolved. The American Society of Anesthesiologists educational standards pertaining to conflict of interest are intended to maintain the professional autonomy of the clinical experts inherent in promoting a balanced presentation of science. Through our review process, all American Society of Anesthesiologists CME activities are ensured of independent, objective, scientifically balanced presentations of information. Disclosure of any or no relationships will be made available for all educational activities.

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Relative Value Guide 2019 Book
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