Central Line Podcast Series

Phillip Richardson, MD, MBA, FASA, CPE, FAACD, FACHE and Shena J. Scott, MBA, FACMPE
Central Line episode 87: Building your value proposition
Lalitha Sundararaman, M.D.
Central Line episode 86: Inside the Monitor - Pathways to Diversity
Dr. Randall Clark and Dr. Michael Champeau
Central Line episode 85: The Presidents’ Episode
Dr. Talmage Egan, in front of EKG machine
Central Line episode 84: Inside the Monitor – An Anesthesiologist’s Job Description
Tina McKay, PhD and Zhongcong Xie, MD, PhD
Central Line episode 83: Delirium Biomarkers
Muhammad B. Rafique, MD
Central Line episode 82: Inside the Monitor -- Finding Gratitude
On Center Stage with ASA, ACCRAC, and the AMA
Central Line episode 81: On Center Stage with ASA, ACCRAC, and the AMA
Dr. Adam Striker and guests Drs. Kenneth Moran, Richa Taneja, and Eugene Viscusi discuss the value of ASA.
Central Line episode 80: The Value and Future of Specialty Societies – live from ANESTHESIOLOGY 2022
Mary Dale Peterson, MD, MSHCA, FACHE, FASA
Central Line episode 79: Inside the Monitor – Workforce Hot Buttons
Dr. Sara B. Robertson
Central Line episode 78: Pediatric Pain Scales
Sam Page, MD, FASA
Central Line episode 77: Inside the Monitor – Advocacy: Taking Your Seat at the Table

Curated by: the ASA Marketing and Communications department

Date of last update: January 30, 2023