Central Line Podcast Series

Miriam Treggiari, MD, PhD, MPH
Episode 35: A Day in the Life of a Researcher
Editor-in-Chief, Yuriy Bronshteyn, MD, FASE
Episode 34: Diagnostic POCUS Certificate Program
Dr. Gunisha Kaur
Episode 33: Inside the Monitor - Global Health
William A. McDade, MD, PhD
Episode 32: Diversifying the Workforce
Genie Blough and Patrick Allaire
Episode 31: Practice Management: Disruption & Disaster Management
Steven L. Shafer MD
Episode 30 – Inside the Monitor – The COVID Issue
George Williams, MD
Episode 29: Inside the Monitor – Critical Care
Tom Miller
Episode 28: Inside the Monitor – The Curious Economist
Dr. Tim Clement
Episode 27: Quality Improvement Solutions: NACOR Benchmarking
Dr Daniel Cole
Episode 26: Inside the Monitor – Brain Health
Drs Dagal, Milas and Szokol
Episode 25: The Opioid Crisis
Dr. Karen Stanley Williams
Episode 24: Diversity in Anesthesia – The Black Experience with Dr. Williams