Central Line Podcast Series

CL-52 Drs   Lalitha Sundararaman and Muhammad B. Rafique
Central Line Episode 52: Inside the Monitor – Anesthesia in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
CL episode 51 Drs Wolpaw, Bacon and Ambardekar
Central Line Episode 51: Live from ANESTHESIOLOGY 2021 with Dr. Wolpaw
Drs Gal and Moorwood
Central Line episode 50: Alternative Payment Models
Dr. Warren Sandberg  Dr. Gordon Morewood Dr. Paloma Toledo
Central Line episode 49: Inside the Monitor – The Future
Drs. Mark Neuman and Daniel McIssac
Central Line episode 48: ASA’s Frailty Toolkit
Drs. Florence LeCraw and Amy Vinson
Central Line episode 47: Physician Well-Being
Manuel Bonilla is interviewed for a Central Line podcast
Central Line episode 46: The Payment Progress Initiative
Genie Blough and Patrick Allaire
Central Line episode 45: Practice Management: Coping with Extreme Stress
Sandra Sacks, MD, MEd
Central Line Episode 44: Inside the Monitor – Palliative Care
Dr. Jodi Sherman
Central Line episode 43: Inside the Monitor – Flattening the Curve
Dr. Sheila Barnett and Dr. Victor Davila
Central Line episode 42: Quality Measures
Tammy Euliano
Central Line episode 41: Anesthesiologists in Fiction